Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

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I love painting my nails and anything that makes the process easier I'm all for! However, the idea of this type of nail polish application but found that it worked well at first but after half dozen or so times.the brush became hardened and polish came out goopy. Its close to a great product, but the quality doesn't last long enough.

I loved this but cannot find it in stores...does anyone know who stocks it. it was very easy to apply. Did not last long without a top coat...but was very easy to apply (much easier than a normal brush)!

I tried three different colors when they first came out and hated them. The polish either didn't come out or came out in blobs, the brush got too easily ruined, and they dried up much faster than bottle polishes. I won't buy them again.

I love this product for the great colors and convenience of toteing around (read vacay, road trips, and quick fixes). My daughter likes that she can do it herslef without "spilling". So it's a fantastic "teaching" tool for young ladies. On the other nail, it does come out in a large amount and the brush is a little sparse. Give it a try. It can make a nice addition to your home manicure.

I have very small nails this makes painting my nails much easier and cleaner!

The first pump it doesn't come all the way to the bottom so you push it again and so much comes up that it drips off your nail. this is how my bed ended up all stained. I would not recommend this, good idea but not put into play the best.

Nice concept but needs some work. Hard to use. Polish comes out goopy or not enough.

I was pretty impressed with this product. It sometimes oozes out a bit too much of the nail polish at once, but overall I can paint my nails and they look cleaner and nicer than using a normal bottle of nail polish!

HATED ITTT left marks and hard to use

I love Opi! it has a shine to it that makes it look like you got your nails done at a salon. The convenient thing about nic's sticks is that you can buy the bottle of polish and then buy the nic's stick to match so that if your out and you chip your nail polish you can touch it up. But as far as actually painting your nails with the nic stick; it runs out fast so i would rather just buy the bottle.

This product was horrible expierience for me. this nail laquer dried out very fast and the brush got messed up

This makes it fast and easy to paint my nails before I go out. It does seem like I do have to pump out a lot for it to come out on the brush. And the colors are awesome!

I really like this product! Not only is it easy to carry around (hello mini make-up bag!), it's nice to have handy, in case you want to do your nails on the go! It also dries really fast! The only thing I don't like about it is the amount that comes out when you push the applicator button down. It's way too much! Also, the brush could be made a little easier to manage! All in all, I think its a good product, however I probably wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

My friend had one of these and I decided to try it. With one click way too much product came out and the brush didn't come on smoothly. I wouldn't waste the money.

I like these because I can get a cleaner, neater polish. I am not as steady to hold a brush with my left hand and often polish more than just my nail, but with these, I am much more steady to only polish my nails. The brush is a bit soft though and you can only put one coat of polish on.