Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

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I really love this product! It makes my face seem soooo clean and refreshed! I dont think the granules are too big, and it's nice to know there are no dyes or artificial perfumes in it.

I loved the Simple Facial Scrub! The microbeads were very massaging and the product was very creamy and moisturizing. I enjoyed the fact that there was a very light scent, as I do not enjoy strong smelling cleaners. My face was left feeling clean and refreshed.

I got this as a sample in the mail and have been using it for about a week. I have to say that it has made my skin pretty soft. The only thing I don't enjoy is that there is not really a strong scent (which I enjoy in a cleanser). Otherwise, great product. It doesn't dry my skin out or make me break out from being harsh either (and I have sensitive skin)

I recieved the Simple Smoothing facial scrub 1 week ago and was very excited to test it out. Day 1: Use this in the shower. First impression was that it was not very thick which is fine. I applied the product on my face and could feel the scrub right away. I thought it was a little harsh at first. When I looked in the mirror my face was a little red from the scrub but went away rather quickly. My face did feel soft. Day 3: No more redness after using the scrub, I guess my skin was swnsitive at first. Skin still feels soft after using. Day 6: I like this scrub but I did find that it left my T zone a little dry. My skin is soft for the first part of the day but not later in the day. I will continue to use this scrub and will get the lotion as well. Overall, I think this is a very good product and will continue to try the rest of the Simple Skin Care line. Thanks She speaks to introducing me to this product.

I would say that the scrub was just "Okay". I like a finer scrub with lots of "grit", and this has bigger granules and not many of them. I also wish it had a scent. I didn't detect any citrus scent, either, like some have mentioned. I also had to start using it in the shower, as it seemed hard to rinse off. I don't think I would spend money on another tube.

I received my full-size sample and at first was a little disappointed that I received the facial scrub. I use moisturizer and cleansers all the time so thought those would have been better for me. However, I have to say that because I received the scrub, I have been trying it, and it really does leave my face feeling smoother and more refreshed. It feels like a deeper clean than using my normal cleanser because the rice granules gently scrub away dry skin. I generally enjoy scents in my products as well, but I don't miss scent with this cleanser. i agree with some of the other reviews that it can be hard to rinse off completely. For that reason, I've decided to start using the facial scrub in the shower in the morning instead of as a nighttime routine.

My face is extremely sensitive. I was very excited about this new line because it is allergy free and great for sensitive skin. While the scrub did work great I am always hesitant about using one. This scrub was a lot more gentle than others I have tried but for my overly sensitive skin it was still just too much. I do recommend this product to others that have more normal skin or skin that does not irritate easily.

Love the way it feels on my skin since it is very sensitive. Can't complain at all,thanks for sending the product!!

Love this! I have very sensitive skin and had no reactions to this. The name got it rihgt.. smoothing facial scrub left my skin feeling very smooth and clean. It did not leave that oily after feel I have found with some other products. I love the exfoliating rice granules, they do not feel hard and gritty- I do not like products that seem to be scratching your skin and this definately does not. Thank you she speaks for letting me try out this awesome product, I know I will continue to use this and recommend to friends and family(they are not getting mine!!!).

I LOVE this product! It is a gentle exfoliator that works WONDERS! I've used other brand's exfoliating creams and such, and they have never had such a positive reaction with my skin. My skin is soft and looks fresh. Especially since its still winter, my skin can be kinda dry. I love how there is no overpowering smell or anything, just a really good gentle exfolient. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I've tried the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub a few times now. I feel the rice granules are too large and there are too few of them. I prefer the St Ives product - it contains lots of little granules. The product is also difficult to rinse off entirely. A couple times my skin felt tight and I am assuming that is because I didn't rinse enough. Again St Ives is better in this regard, a simple rinse is sufficient. i would just give this product a 3 out of 5.

I got Simple's Smoothing Facial scrub. I was excited to get the facial scrub cleanser. I love scrubbing cleansers and I am always looking for a good facial cleanser. I loved the way it left my face feeling after I used this product, my face was smooth and felt clean without any left-over soapy residue. My only complaint about this product is lack of scent. I noted in other reviews that people said it has a citrusy scent. I can't detect that scent. I love a bolder scent in my products and feel this facial scrub could be improved with more scent added. I would definitely buy Simple's Smoothing facial scrub in the future for my facial cleansing needs.

I must have received a different product. I exfoliate OFTEN and this product is not my favorite by far. I felt like the beads were way to big, rough, not may of them. I prefer a fine grain bead with a lot of them. This felt like little rocks instead of a scrub. Disappointed! Thanks for the free product though.

I received a full sized bottle of the Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub from SheSpeaks the other day. I was very excited to test it out. The consistency of the product is a little different that I am used to. It is not thick or thin, but since the consistency is different, it takes less product to wash your face. If you use the amount that you are used to with your normal face wash, you may find that you need a little more effort to wash this off. The scent has a light hint of citrus but is not in any way overwhelming. I appreciate that, After washing my face with Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub, my skin was soft and did not feel dry or tight. To know that this is cleaning my skin, removing make-up, not stripping my much needed moisture out of my skin, and does not have is definitely a winner for me. I am on my way to purchase a moisturizer next.

I really love how gentle this product is on my face. And the fact that it doesnt have a strong smell is really refreshing.