Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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My teeth felt really clean after using. The flavor was kind of strong but ok. I could only use a tiny dab at a time otherwise would get overly foamy. For the most part my teeth were less sensitive except one time eating frozen berries.

This was a great toothpaste. The foaming really makes your mouth feel clean and the taste is good. I prefer mints anyway. I definitly noticed a reduction in tooth sensitivity.I like the packaging, cleaner, nicer on the countertop. I use an oralb spin brush and the pump dispences nicely on it.

It really did make my teeth feel very clean. However, it tasted like butane, and the idea of putting something in my mouth twice a day that tasted like flammable chemicals was pretty off-putting. The container always dispenses a little during the day and overnight, even if you clean it before and after use. I found it much better for cold sensitivity than hot.

Once I got used to the dispensing of the toothpaste, I really liked this product. I loved the foaming action because a little bit could go a long way. My mouth had a 'clean feeling' after I brushed which I don't always get with my other toothpastes.

My favorite toothpaste!! Super cleaning action, good taste, unique packaging. For me, it does all that it says it will do!

I'm undecided about this toothpaste. It's way too foamy for my liking and I dislike the initial aerosol taste. I also don't like the pressurized canister or pump dispenser - I was putting way too much paste on my brush. I've been using it for about 3 weeks now and I am getting used to it but I'm still not convinced I would buy it - for a start it's way too expensive.

Im switching to this product, My theeth have never felt better after using this Sensodune product. I love it!

It's too foamy...I'm just not a big gel fan. I'm more of a past fan. However, I have noticed a difference the sensitivity of my teeth, so I think it's worth it.

Love the foaming action, but be careful to press it quick and let go...if not it'll be all over. It comes out very fast!

My family and I couldn't get past the taste! I tried it over and over and couldn't use it. I'm very disappointed because I do have sensitive teeth.

I'm still useing this tooth paste and I just can't get past the taste.

I love the foaming action. Leaves teeth feeling clean. Flavor is tolerable, but more mint would make the breath feel fresher.

I give this product 2 stars. I do not like the taste, the messy pump, or the lack of minty freshness. However, the product did reduce my sensitivity.

I really enjoyed trying this product out. I adore toothpaste that foams and makes my mouth feel clean and this toothpaste did just that! My mouth feels fresh and clean and I feel like the foaming action got between my tight teeth (the problem areas in my mouth). I have noticed a small change in my sensitivity too.

love it. fresh breath, kills bacteria even in deep pockets in the gum , and i love the foaming action...