Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

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This product does what is advertized...I think I sweat alot and the Clinical stregth works better than most deoderants

I was so excited to get this product because it is one of my favortites! It's the best!!

I really like this product. I am also heavy sweater. I will be using this daily.

Really good. Smells great.

This deoderant works very well!

This is one of the best deodorants I have ever used!.It really works!

I received a sample of Clinical Strength Secret deodorant and I have been really impressed with this product. I am one of those people you work with who likes to keep the temperature around 65 degree in the office and I freeze everyone to death! I am very hot natured but I don't really "sweat" a lot. I want an antiperspirant and deodorant that will work with my fluctuating body temperature and keep me feeling fresh. This Clinical Strength Secret really delivers! I have been using it for about 3 or 4 days and I can tell a big difference. This deodorant has keep me extremely dry and fresh. With the change in the formula to make the product ?clinical strength? I was worried that the consistency would be yucky but I found very little difference between this extra strength product and the regular Secret products. The scent was nice and refreshing without being overpowering. I was also pleased with the fact that I had no residue on my clothing??no white marks! I have heard that some people had had problem with their clothes getting stained but thus far, it hasn't happened to me. At around $9.00 this product is very pricy compared to its regular strength counterparts, but it is something I am willing to keep around. I probably won't use it everyday due to the price, but it will be nice to have for those days when you are expecting a high level of stress, anxiety or physical exertion.

I like it a lot.. worked very well... smell stays strong all day.. would def. recommend but, would also love if price weren't so high. I think the max price of deodorant should be no more than 4 or 5 dollars.

i love this product! it works awesome for me. i have never felt a burning sensation. it smells good and for me, it lasts all day. love it. :)

Smells really nice. Works. Product is too soft, you wind up dispensing/applying more product then you really want. And turns your clothes white. Do I want to pay more for something that probably works as well as my regular? Probably not. And I prefer a clear. But I like the scent.

not worth the price, the fragrance is overwhelming and it irritated my skin. I did not notice that it worked any better than my regular product, which costs about half. the smell actually made me nauseous, no way I could have used this at night before bed.

I love this stuff. After I had my first child, I noticed a change in my sweat and regular deodrant wouldn't cut it. I had gotten a free sample of this somewhere and gave it a try and it worked great. I really just wish it wasn't so expensive so I could buy it all the time and not have to worry if I smell!!!

I received a free sample of this and tried it this weekend. The scent is nice and it worked fine, but I didn't like the way it dispenses. You have to turn the dial to bring the product up to this plastic covering. there are about 4 holes in the plastic covering where the product dispenses from. It seemed like that caused the product to not dispense evenly, plus the dial kept making a clicking noise as I tried to roll it up and it was not working correctly. I am not sure this is worth paying double the price.

This product is only about 1% stronger than their regular line, so I don't understand why the price is doubled/tripled. Avon has a couple of womens roll-on that have the same level of active ingredient, they dry extremely fast, and the scent is very light. Best of all the cost is just a buck (99 cents + tax). I can't bring myself to buy just one stick when I can get 7 for the same price.

I noticed a slight burning sensation after applying this deodorant, So for those of you who have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend this particular deodorant. As far as the odor and wetness protection, Secret Clinical Strength does what it claims and the light and fresh scent is really nice.