Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant Antiperspirant

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This product is only about 1% stronger than their regular line, so I don't understand why the price is doubled/tripled. Avon has a couple of womens roll-on that have the same level of active ingredient, they dry extremely fast, and the scent is very light. Best of all the cost is just a buck (99 cents + tax). I can't bring myself to buy just one stick when I can get 7 for the same price.

works great

This product smells great and the scent lasted but it made my pits sweat bad. Then again it works different for other people.

This product did not work for me, but not saying it won't work with someone else. It's the cheapest Clinical strength one I've seen.

I usually use secret so I tried this one.. It has an offensive smell~ the longer its on you the stronger the offensive perfume smell gets.

Gave me a rash under my arms This deodorant gave me a horrible rash under my arms! I've used clinical strength deodorants before and this never happened. Took a while to go away.

I also think that Degree clinical worked much ,much better for me!!

not worth the price, the fragrance is overwhelming and it irritated my skin. I did not notice that it worked any better than my regular product, which costs about half. the smell actually made me nauseous, no way I could have used this at night before bed.

Very pricey. Doesn't seem to work any better than regular deodorant for me. I'm sticking w/ Dove.

I use to buy this because I sweat a lot, but I just cant spend that much each time. I have found one by Dove that is much better and half the price.

Not as strong as you would think considering they refer to it as clinical strength. The amount you get is NOT worth the price!

This stuff never worked for me. I have hyperhidrosis, and the ONLY antiperspirant I've ever found to work is called Anhydrol Forte. Maybe my suggestion will help you other ladies with excessive sweating instead of buying this overpriced product :)

Wasn't that great. I expected it to help me a lot more than it did. I still had sweaty armpits. It was also very expensive. Not worth the money. Still looking for a good deodorant

I liked the smell, however it does not go on clear, and does not hold me i had to reapply several times. With that being said my sister uses this product and loves it. It works for her. All women are different in my opinion so it may work for you, but for me it does not.

Smells great, I just wish the antiperspirant would have worked better. By 2 or 3 in the afternoon I would have the dreaded sweat stains and need to use something else.