Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

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the thickness I was not a fan of. The taste was yummy. WE made Guacamole dip with it and it was so good!

Too thick, too much seasoning, too much salt.

These chilps are very need for dip.

Yum chip always have to buy them.

Loved them but they are way over-priced so not likely to be buying them any time soon.

My family loves these, we've tried the flavors I can find like them all!

we love these. The taste, is awesome. Can use for dipping or just eating by themselves

These are absolutely fabulous! Not too salty or overly spicy. The fire roasted chipotle flavor compliments and pairs well with salsa. They are delicately crispy and holds up well in nachos. We have bought several bags of these in the past few weeks. My kids enjoy them after school as a snack. My only complaint is that the bags are smaller than other Tostito brand chips; which means we are getting less. Definitely will continue to buy these!

Fire Roasted Chipotle!!!! I love these chips. They can be addicting. The taste matched with the texture make for a great tasting tortilla chip. It is a nice variation from the standard tortilla chip. They are great alone or with dip and/or salsa.

I also sampled Tostitos Artisan chips. It is one awesome tasting chip. I bought a bag for home and both of my teenage sons gave high reviews. It nice to have a chip available that has the quality I want.

oh I love these they hav e a great taste and are crispy like no other chip , they taste so fresh

I love all of these. They have actually done a great job of putting out new flavors; they have a bold new taste to them and i don't usually like new things like this but i did and you can't eat just one. What are they putting in food these days that make you crave the taste?

I love these

I love these, I could not stop eating them !

Loved these chips just the right amount of garlic and I did not need dip because it was so good alone