Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

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dont like the taste of this. dissapointed

These were actually pretty gross. They just taste horrible

dont like the artiisan torilla chips they are not good tooo spicey

I can't even put my finger(or should I say taste buds) on it. I really don't like the flavor of the fire roasted chipotle. I could only eat a few of them before I decided that I just don't care for them. I have no interest in eating anymore of the bag and would not buy them.

don't like blackbeans AT ALL! I do love garlic though

Used my coupon to try the Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tostitos for Girls' night. Chips were delicious and you can even get away with no salsa. I loved the "powdery" finish, texture, and all around flavor. However, for the small sized bag and $3.99 price tag, barring a sale, I would have to say OVERPRICED. Despite the great taste, the price tag is way out of proportion.

they are very good, but very salty. would like them to have a little less salt. other wise the flavor is great.

Loved them but they are way over-priced so not likely to be buying them any time soon.

Too thick, too much seasoning, too much salt.

Believe it or not these chips have too much flavor.I like a little less zip to my chip so I can use salsa etc and taste both the chip and dip/salsa.I had a coupon as these are a little pricey or I dont think I would have bought them.

Not that good...I have tried much better chips of this type and on the same price...

Kind of expensive, these chips are okay tasting. I still prefer sun chips or baked lays. They have an odd after taste that isn't very fun to have lingering in your mouth.

Just had these chips at a friend's house. I love the flavor and consistency. My one problem with them is that they are high in fat. We eat a pretty low fat diet and would love to see these chips made with less fat. Yes, it can be done, other brands have successfully lowered the fat in chips without compromising on flavor. I buy those brands all the time, but they don't have these creative flavors. Maybe Tostitos can be the first!

I enjoy this brand of chips, but I was a little disappointed when I tried these. They are a little grainy to me, but not terrible. I could see myself trying them again to give it a second chance.

These are great by themselves but not when you're making nachos.