Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

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Does not work the way advertised. You still need to scrub the shower regardless of this thing spraying chemicals all over your shower ( but not in the most needed places). It just adds one more thing you need to worry about cleaning in shower. It does nothing to keep it clean or keep away mildew.

What a waste of money! The idea is really great, but the product itself doesn't work as promised. It's an nifty sprayer that you trip to spray the shower walls right after you finish your shower. The sprayer really does spray all around the shower walls. The solution, however, makes an utter mess of your shower walls. I tried it in a newly rebuilt apartment with a brand new shower on city water. I made certain that the shower walls started out sparkling shiny clean, and always tripped it right after I finished showering when the walls were still wet. After the first bottle of solution, I had to spend forty-five minutes hand scrubbing to clean the shower back up, as the solution had coated my shower walls with a dull, yucky coating. Thank to the great sprayer gizmo, it was over every inch of the shower walls, too. Threw the whole thing away, I was so disgusted with the results. I wouldn't recommend this cleaner to anyone.

I hated this. I was sorry I bought it. It didnt get my shower as clean as I expected. I was still in there at least twice a week doing a deep clean to my shower.

I really liked the concept but was a bit disappointed. The product is quite bulky and unattractive (I know, its the shower, but still...). It does seem to spray the shower fully, but almost too well as there have been a few times I was outside of the shower feeling the cleaner rain down on me from over top of the shower door. And maybe we just have too much shower traffic (5 people) but I just didn't see a huge benefit from it. I knew I would still need to clean regularly, but was figuring it wouldn't be so intensive, but unfortunately it was.

not very good - might be okay for very small shower stall - walls need to be really wet or else you just get sticky drip marks - also worried about the chemicals

This product was a horrible waste of my money and I wish I had never purchased it. I usually love scrubbing bubbles products too!

Disappointed. Didn't do much for my shower. Not worth it.

Great idea. Doesn't work as planned. You still have to scrub quite a bit, the thing kind of gets in the way, it doesn't spray the whole shower, etc. etc. I was expecting like a super spray over the whole shower, but the thing is, even if it did that, you kind of want to scrub it before all the water dries up if you are going to keep your shower mildew-free. Unless you are some kind of super-woman (or man) and can do a quick scrub-through of your shower about 30 minutes after this thing goes off EVERY time, it isn't going to do much for you.

It's okay but not the greatest. We have hard water and I don't feel it cleans good enough. I'll be going back to Sno bowl toilet cleaner. It gets all the build up off and is cheaper.

I bought one of these when they first came out. It only squirted one line around the shower, how is that going to clean the shower. I am not sure about you guys but my shower is bigger then one line. Good idea but it doesn't work right.

I got to do a test of this product when it was very new. I used about 1/2 of the bottle and was very unsatisfied. Before installing the product, I scrubbed my little shower top to bottom, walls & floor, then installed, the fragrance was a wonderful clean smell and at first I loved the thought of not having to clean my shower again. btw- my shower is less than 3x3ft square. But after a couple of weeks of using this product as directed, I started to get some mildew and buildup along the edge of the floor in the corners and the walls. The spray DID clean the middle part of the shower, but it did not reach the bottom of the walls, door and floor, and besides the nice clean smell, I still had to scrub the floor and lower walls and shower door. So the additional expense was just not worth me still having to clean!

Wasn't impressed when I used this. I think the idea is great but in action it just didn't work the way the company said it would. Really wished I hadn't spent the money on it.

I tried this once, but never again, it may look cool, but it's not, it doesn't get in all the important spots, it just doesn't satisfy my needs, it's a lazy way to clean

The machine was easy to install but that was just about the only thing that performed as planned. I started with a clean shower as instructed and made sure to turn it on after every shower. Unfortunately the spray does not reach many parts of the shower, it seems to just fall short. Another point of note was that in the areas of the shower that were able to receive the spray still required scrubbing as the cleaner only made dirt streaks.

I thought this was a great idea, but was disappointed in the effectiveness & it didn't seem to do what it claimed. Also was on the expensive side & it was very easy to bump your head on unless you wanted to take it in & out of the shower.