Audrey Niffenegger The Time Traveler's Wife

Audrey Niffenegger The Time Traveler's Wife

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Could be confusing at times. The movie was ok....not as good as the book.

Awesome book and movie

This book was an easy read. It was always captivating and kept you guessing what would happen next. This is a must read!

Love this's a very creative and beautiful story line. I did not want to put it down.

Excellent book but you will have to re-read the previous few pages to regain the story line. A beautiful love story that keeps you guessing what will happen next.

Loved it!! A lot of people I knew started reading it and I wasn't sure if I'd be interested, but once I did, I could not put it down.

I have read this book at least once a year since I first read it. My copy is so tattered and worn! This story is the ultimate love story of sacrifice and yearning. It's depressing and enlightening at the same time! Best book I have read for the genre, though I feel it's in it's own "group".

I was reluctant to read because of the far-fetched plot. Once I got started, I couldn't put it down.

Good story but VERY difficult to stop and start this to be on your toes to keep up with past/present/future etc.

I absolutely loved this book. Just couldn't put it down. When the movie came out, I didn't even bother watching it because I knew that there was no way it could ever compare.

There was a lot I liked about this book. Great premise, engaging prose. I didn't have a problem with the main character having met his wife as a child. I don't know that I fully believed the level of her commitment to him or her willingness to have a child with the same affliction. A good book, but nagging doubts kept me from fully engaging.

This was such a disappointing and overrated book. Awesome idea had it been written by someone else. The turn by turn directions to various Chicago hot spots we not necessary, same goes for the shot by shot pool game. There is something to be said for show not tell. Also, I found parts to be confusing as to what time it was supposed to be and had to keep flipping back pages to remember. A good book should not make you do that. I think Margaret Atwood would have hit a home run with this book had she been the author.

I love this book! I own it & have read and reread it 3x.It is beautifully written,romantic,sad and poignant all in one. I haven't seen the movie yet,and am really in no rush,as I have heard pros and cons from friends and family members who have read the book & seen the movie and some have told me it's "true" to the book,while others have said alot (from the book) was left out,so i'm kinda on the fence about seeing the movie,though i'd recommend the book to anyone with a love for good fiction & it would be great book club fodder! :-)

This is a great book. Wonderful story line, very imaginative. Someone said that the book was very vulgar. I didn't find it vulgar at all. it was quite a sweet book and love story. I would highly recommend it!

One of my all-time favorites. A beautiful, unusual story told in an inventive manner. I've recommended this book to a number of people - all of whom later thanked me for the suggestion.