The Ordinary  Niacinamide 10% Plus 1% zinc

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% Plus 1% zinc

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Miracle in a bottle!!! This stuff is a game changer! It totally transformed the texture of my skin. I had little bumps that seemed to be maybe clogged pores. They disappeared and my skin is smooth and clear.

Love Just pure luxurious and youthful exuberance with use. This is so perfect for all skin care needs! The packaging is lovely and so is the container! It's easy to use and you get real results! Highly recommend to anyone looking for glowing skin!

Budget friendly Skin care I love this product it's been a good year using this and it has made such a difference in my skin texture. Even in the first few weeks of using this I noticed a change in my texture from it being rough and bumpy it was smooth and not dry it seemed like it controlled my oil it made my skin look hydrated without it being overtly shiny. I have seen patches on my skin diminish even be completely gone thanks to this product. I used to hate buying skin care products because they can be pricey but no not this one perfectly priced and definitely a keeper in my skin care regimen. Also, the fact that I can use this under foundation is great if I skip this product before applying makeup it's a big no no its one of the reasons why my makeup looks flawless. Thank you The Ordinary!

Acne? We don't know her! This epically reduced the size of a pimple overnight! It cleared my skin in about a week. For under $10, this is an amazing product with terrific results. I highly recommend it. I have normal to combo skin and tend to be on the sensitive side.

Personally hated it I understand that everyone?s skin is different. But I want people to know that although, yes, it has glowing reviews, your face could react like mine. I broke out worse than I?ve ever broken out in my entire life. I ended up going to a medical spa after a few months because the milia it caused still hadn?t cleared and the aesthetician was horrified. The extractions I endured that day to remove everything took hours. It?s great that it works for so many people. But don?t feel alone if your face didn?t like it, because mine hated it.