Rubbermaid Freshworks

Rubbermaid Freshworks

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Not Impressed I was SO excited to buy this product when I got it! Bought some berries at the store, put them in my Freshworks containers after washing them and within 3-4 days they had mold on them! NOT impressed AT ALL! Was so disappointed in this product. I would not recommend this!

Great product for Prep Days! This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks. I have been using these for almost a month now and I've been so pleased. Our produce, especially lettuce and berries have lasted so much longer than normal. They're essential for our prep days! I've already ordered another set. The only con that I've noticed so far is the price...but in the end, they're saving so much money!

Perfect for Whole30 and healthier eating This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks. However, this does not affect my opinion. I adore my Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers! This month, my husband and I started the Whole30 program which requires us to eat a lot of fruits and veggies. We've been able to keep them fresher for longer in our FreshWorks containers. Produce is not cheap and there's nothing worse than having to throw money away.

Great moisture aversion If it's one thing that kills my leafy greens, it's too much water or condensation. The neat little green trays in the bottom couples with the vent to allow everything to breathe nicely and stay fresher for longer. A new staple for salad stuffs in our house! While I wish the lids were a little slimmer for storage (both in and out of the fridge) the function is great. This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.

Great for Stacking & Storing! This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks. I felt like these held up much better than even putting the product in a crisper drawer. We typically store ours just in a bowl in the fridge and these helped keep our produce nice and moist without drying out or becoming mushy either. They also stack great and make for an easy addition to the fridge without taking up much room.

A Staple In My Refrigerator We LOVE the Rubbermaid Freshworks containers. Berries stay fresher, longer, crisp veggies are crisp longer than before I used these containers. The kids love the containers because they are able to easily open and close them and I love them because the kids can help themeselves to fresh fruits and veggies. If I had one suggestion, it would be that the containers would stack better for easy storage. This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Reduces Produce Waste I love how easy it is to use the Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Savers. They are so easy to organize in the refrigerator and have helped my produce stay crisper than it was in store packaging. I also love that they are dishwasher safe and that I never have to replace the filter in the lid. Planning to buy a couple other sizes. This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies I've been using these containers for a few weeks and they do seem to make a difference. They also are really great for providing extra crisper action when our drawers are full. Very useful! This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.

Lifesaver for my organic produce! This is a sponsored review, I received free products from SheSpeaks. We try our best to opt for organic choices when shopping for fresh produce. One way we can save is by buying in bulk. The containers have helped save the produce for more days!

I have two different sizes of these containers. I really like them and do think they help keep fruits and veggies fresher for a little longer.

Love this! These are an absolute need in the household. They keep your fruit and veggies lasting so much longer than if you were to just throw them in the fridge.

Helps Produce Last Longer I love these containers because they really help keep my fruit and vegetables fresher longer. The containers are easy to use and fit well in my fridge and add life to all the produce I buy.

I was so excited to try FreshWorks because I usually have trouble eating all my produce before it starts to go bad - and I was happy that these containers worked well to keep my fruits and veggies fresh! I had a bunch of grapes that I stored in FreshWorks for an impressive amount of time - several weeks, and they never would have lasted that long in store packaging! This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks.

Reducing Produce Waste I am so often throwing out produce that has gone bad before we could eat it. So frustrating! Rubbermaid FreshWorks is amazing! The containers come in the perfect sizes for fresh produce. I like the clear design so I can easily see what is stored inside. I have found my produce lasts far longer when stored in my FreshWorks containers. I highly recommend FreshWorks! {This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks. All opinions are my own.}

Impressive I have to say, I am pretty impressed with these containers. Over the past several months, I had thrown away way too much produce, and had actually thought, "I wish there were containers to help with this!" Lo and behold, Rubbermaid came out with these FreshWorks containers. My wish was granted! It's always disappointing when produce goes to waste, but I think it is especially heartbreaking when you spend the extra money on organic produce and that too is wasted. It's almost like adding insult to injury. When I received my FreshWorks containers, the first thing I put into them were some beautiful fresh strawberries. Then I got busy with preparing for a wedding, company coming from out of state and lost track of how long they had been in the refrigerator. Imagine my relief when I opened the lid to discover that the strawberries looked just as good as the day I had bought them! I love these containers and they will be getting a great deal of use with my fresh produce from the garden this summer. {This is a sponsored review, I received free product from SheSpeaks}