Nexcare  Sensitive Skin Bandage

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandage

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I am taking one star away because some of the band aids do not stick well. They come off the package with no adhesive?! These stay on for days if they are put on properly and stick. I mean you probably do not want to wear it for days though. I put a small one on my leg the color of the pad matched my skin and I did not feel or see it there. Great band aid - I purchase these every time I need band aids.

Great bandage for sensitive people. My family uses Nexcare Sensitive Skin bandages exclusively. We are allergic to latex and these were the only bandages we could find years ago when latex was very popular. My son is very active and I use these for his "boo boo's" and he doesn't wince when they come off. He has SPD and is very sensitive to touch. This is one of the products that I'm thankful for being available to suit our unique needs.

The Best Bandage on the Market I love Nexcare bandages. They are the only bandages I buy. They stay on like no other bandage, and unlike other bandages, they don't hurt when you take them off. I have recommended these bandages to so many people. I have fairly sensitive skin, so when I am in need of a bandage, I always use these.

The bandages are very good for sensitive skin. Unfortunately, don't waste your money on the "assorted" sized bandages. While the bandage size might vary, the cotton strip is the same on each bandage: Chiclet gum. While the elbow/knee banage is too large for what I need, at least it covers the wound.

My favorite Band-Aids! You can't go wrong with Nexcare!! Not only do their Band-aids actually stick to your skin and STAY, but with this product it doesn't irritate sensitive skin either!!! What else could you ask for in band-aids? They're flexible, strong, comfortable and stick until your ready to take them off!!

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Bandage I don't like to use bandages but that has to do more with not wanting to be injured! These are great bandages as they don't leave behind the stick residue other bandages tend to and are able to be exposed to water a little without becoming instantly soggy. Wet soggy bandages are gross and this is an answer to that!

Good choice Bandage Nexcare Sensitive Skin is good for the whole family. It is flexible, easy to apply, easy to remove and durable. A few days ago my 3 year old girl fell off the bike and scraped his knee. I tried Nexcare, because the other band aids fall easily and I needed the cream I put work. I bathed, you wash the area and put a Band-Aid. There were no further complaints all day. When she fell asleep I removed the bandage and she did not feel it. Definitely I recommend it. Excellent choice.