Goddess Garden Organics Everyday Natural Sunscreen Lotion

Goddess Garden Organics Everyday Natural Sunscreen Lotion

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Must Have! I love this brand because it does not cause a white cast or oiliness on my face. Also, it is great for sensitive skin. With Goddess Garden, I feel confident in its protection and feel safe using it on my nieces knowing that it does not contain harmful ingredients.

Very protective I like that it's a mineral sunscreen. It protects me well from the sun.

Natural and safe Only brand I use, natural, reef safe (meaning doesn't have the chemicals that kill coral reefs). Tip is to apply in small amounts at a time.

AMAZING my sister is allergic to most sunscreens so we tried to head towards other natural ones but she would burn very easily. best one shes ever tried!

Looks like paste on the skin, but worth it! I received Goddess Garden Everyday Natural Sunscreen to try out courtesy of #Tryazon and #GoddessGarden. If you don't mind having a pasty look to your skin, then this is definitely the sunscreen to use. No one got sunburned or had irritated skin, which is a big plus in a sensitive-skinned family. It is thick and and a tad difficult to rub in, but I imagine that's because it's made with minerals. I would still recommend for adults and children.

Best ever! This sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens I have come by! I use it on my face in the summer and it doesn't leave my skin blotchy or red. I'm a lifeguard so sunscreen is very important .

Effective A natural and effectve solution to sun care! I liked that it was lightweight- not sticky or heavy. And it didnt make my son break out cause hes got really sensitive skin.

try it! This sunscreen is nice because the ingredients are more natural. It also works way better than that good-for-nothing spray kind of sunscreen!

I applied this to my daughter's face on one of New England's windy but quite sunny days. The lotion was very light - not greasy at all & it had a refreshing light scent; reminiscent of cucumbers. I love that Goddess Garden's sunscreen is free of any synthetic chemicals. BEST OF ALL - my daughter has very fair skin, so she burns VERY easily and she also has sensitive skin, so she also breaks out easy.....We were outside in the sun most of the day and she did not suffer a sunburn nor rash!!! This stuff is amazing and I will be recommending to all of my mom friends!