Advil Pain Reliever

Advil Pain Reliever

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I will not take anything else, I have a bottle at home, in my purse and at my office. Nothing takes away my pain like Advil!

Love it Love this item. It really works I need a root canal and while I'm waiting for it my mouth has been in a huge amount of pain, my gums have swelled, and my face has gotten swollen. This has literally taken away all of those symptoms! My go to

Advil is our go-to pain reliever. Great for the pain and inflammation. The PM version is good too

Always works! When I have any kind of headache (apart from migraines), Advil is the only one that works!

Works for Arthritis I have used this for years. It is my go to when I have a headache or felt ill. Recently it was recommended to be used when my arthritis flared up. I hadn't thought of using it then. It worked quickly to reduce the inflammation and pain.

Good Ant Pain and Fever Drug This is best ant inflammatory drug I never used. It clear fever and pain very quickly. I recommende women with urinary tract infection or with painful menstration to use it

I take Ibuprofen for anything! It does wonders for my menstrual cramps & my headaches. My fiance takes them for his toothaches & it works for him also. You can find this product anywhere at an affordable price. Everyone should give this a try!

I use this for period pain mostly it stops my cramps and makes it so that I can function

Fast acting Advil works fast to relieve minor aches and pains such as headaches, back pain, mentrual cramps. These pills are coated and easy to swallow & also easy on the stomach.

I always keep advil in stock and it always seems to work.

extremely useful In love with this OTC medicine. Always helps with my headaches or pain. I always carry a bottle with me

Advil has always been one of my favorite pain relievers! Always keep it in stock

Advilove I suffer from chronic migraines and Advil is still the only pain relief that can somewhat, occasionally, help me. And that's saying something.

Advil is my lifesaver ever month! I've been having terrible cramps that cause me to faint, vomit, and generally feel unwell for over a decade. I have had to miss a lot of school and work days due to the monthly curse. I have tried many over the counter pain relievers but Advil is the only one that totally gets rid of my painful cramps and keeps them away for at least 6 hours. As long as I take it as soon as I see the dreaded red spot I know that I will be alright. Advil makes me feel normal again during that time of the month.

Awesome Advil is my go to for pain relief! With carrying so many books around campus, my back and neck are always in pain. Advil is always there to ease the tension!