Bonne Maman  Bonne Maman Preserves

Bonne Maman Bonne Maman Preserves

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Bonne Maman Bonne Maman preserves are available in several fruit flavors. Every one that I?ve tried is delicious.

This preserve is delicious! The consistency is perfect and the flavor is spot on. Now, did I fall for the cute jar and lid? Of course I did! And with the price it will not be something I put in my basket each time, but it?s a perfect treat and it makes my mom heart feel good adding extra goodness to the kids toast and bagels on a sunny Sunday morning

Better than toe jam My families favorite jam, its jam. What can you say, well made and appreciative of the people who take their time to create this lovely jam.

Yum! I have always been a PB&J gal, but never really thought much about my jelly or jam. That was until I met Bonne Maman. I noticed the adorable little jar at the store and decided to give it a try even though it was a bit more pricey than some others. ?Maybe that is because it is much better? I thought and boy was I right! Ever since it is the only brand I go to. All the flavors are great, but the Raspberry and Blueberry are absolutely delicious! Now I am not just limited to using it on a sandwich, but I eat it on toast, English muffins, bagels, waffles, you name it!

It's so yummy! It's my ultimate favorite. I put it on everything and even sometimes eat it by itself! It's the best with crunchy peanut butter.

Consistent Quality Very nice jam. A bit too sweet for me, but the consistency is good and the taste is very fresh and homemade.

So good it the real things I love these jams and jellys the price is a little high but they are well worth it. The taste is real fruit and it almost makes you smile. I just recently bought a jar of strawberry jam. They must have a shortage on peaches because I have not been able to find them. The peaches are my favorite strawberry is next. And I save the jars for my niece who makes candles.

BEST TASTING PRESERVES YUM!! Bonne Maman has the best tasting perserves in so many different flavors. They are great for recipes or on a scone, english muffin or crumpet. My husband made French Crumpets (like french toast but use crumpets instead of bread) and used Bonne Maman Raspberry preserves on top and it was delicious!!

Preserves worth the money I'm a sucker for the classic PB & J and Bonne Maman kicks it up to a whole new level. My favorite flavors are Cherry, Raspberry and Blueberry, which tops my list! The flavors are robust and the texture is spot on, not too thick and not too thin! The jars can be quite pricey, but well worth the extra money.

Better than homemade! These preserves couldn't be any better! I made a Brie fig crostini for an Easter brunch and everyone raved about it.

Breakfast or anytime Beautiful product obviously lovingly made. Delicious and adorable packaging!! Perfecto!

This is the most delicious jam I have ever had!

Forget all about Trader Joe's Cookie Butter ... Bonne Maman Preserves are amazing! I've seen the iconic Bonne Maman jar for years on grocery store shelves, sitting there with its cute gingham lid and pretty script label, but I'd never pay close to $6 for some jelly. Then, when AmEx Small Business Saturday rolled around this year, I found myself in Mother's Market with a FREE $10 American Express Statement Credit when I made a $10 purchase. And that's when I purchased my very first jar of Bonne Maman Preserves. I chose Raspberry, because I'm a fool for raspberry. The flavor of the Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves is so intense. It takes and smells like fresh crushed raspberries. My favorite way to indulge is to lightly toast a King's Hawaiian Roll. (I press it together with my hands to make it flat enough to fit in the toaster) and spread just a bit of Bonne Maman Preserves on top. It tastes just like a fancy french pastry! And it makes sense, since Bonne Maman Preserves are made in France. "Made from the same time-honored traditional French recipes used to create the brand, our preserves and jellies feature only the finest quality fruit and 100% all-natural ingredients. Bonne Maman preserves are made with the following 100% natural ingredients: fruit, sugar, cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice and fruit pectin. Bonne Maman has no preservatives, no additives, no corn syrup, is sulfite-free and non-GMO." Do you know the difference between Preserves, Jelly and Jam? I didn't until I checked out the Bonne Maman website *Preserves are made from cooking whole fruits. Each of Bonne Maman's recipes, in its 14 flavors of preserves, ensures that pieces of fruit are present in each jar. Preserves feature a fuller fruit flavor compared to jams. *Jellies are made from only the juices of fruits. Jellies offer a uniform texture, are clear, and firm compared to preserves and jams. Bonne Maman produces an assortment of 4 jelly flavors. *Jams are made from crushed fruit and fruit puree, not whole fruit. Bonne Maman does not make jams. So if you want to treat yourself, try a jar! You can print a $0.60/2 Bonne Maman Preserves or Jelly coupon on the Bonne Maman website. If you don't see it in your local store, you can order them on Amazon.