U KoteX  sanitary pads

U KoteX sanitary pads

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Average I bought these for my daughter and I a couple of months ago and was a little disappointed in them. They have a clingy feel to them and have more of a tendency to leak at night than a few others we have tried.

Not sure I have used these on and off, in the right size and flow. I give it a two because I don't find them as absorbent as they should be. I have always seemed to ruined my underwear some how.

Best out there! I gotta be honest, Tampax made a true comeback with this product. It really set them up and this particular brand is one of the best if not the best brand of pads out there. Hands down!

Good brand weary about the chemicals I like these, I use them every month and it always gets the job done. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because the dyes always makes me weary. It also gives me a rash and some itching if my flow is light.

These are an alright brand of pads . Personally if I need just a quick pad asap I?ll buy these but these are not my go tos. I prefer all organic cotton pads without dyes.

Not for sensitive skin. Terrible product. I have never had a bad experience from a pad before I tried this product. I have never used this brand before either. I figured because of how popular it was it would have been somewhat sensitive to the skin. My mistake,throwing the whole box away.

These aren?t the greatest pads I?ve ever used. I like that you can get free samples from them online. They didn?t feel comforting at all and seem thin.

This is super comfy and cute to carry in my purse. No leaks or embarrassment.

Awesome Most comfortable pad by far. These are my go to. I have tried many different kinds that were terrible. Would highly recommend

I did not like these at all. They're comfortable but they're terrible for people like me who sleep on their stomach. They don't offer enough coverage.

This is my all time favorite brand. I never feel like the pads are too big and bulky. They are very comfortable to wear. I've never had any problems with bunching or bleeding through.

Great for first timers! When I first got my period, these were the pads that were available to me. There were great, especially for my first time! They didn't feel to bulky or weird, and they moved with my body (which was important because I was at a work camp!) These made my first time not so bad.

Great for a picky person. This is a product that i buy for my daughter . I will actually go to another store if they do not have it. She is very picky but loves how comfortable it is.

Perfect for granny panties! These are my absolute favorite pads. I previously bought the Always Infinity brand, but didn't like the way the wings were shaped; they just didn't work well with my "granny panties." These are great!

Good absorbent These are my favorite brand. Perfect for what I need to use them for.