L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation

L'Oreal Paris Visible LIft Blur Foundation

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I saw no difference in appearance from other foundations The upside is it doesn't have a heavy feeling when applied. It's very light and not noticeable. When you peel the label for the drug facts...Wow! Lots in there. If anyone has a gluten or wheat sensitivity I would suggest not using this product as it has hydrolyzed wheat protein in the ingredients.I'm glad other reviewers found this an amazing product. For me, it's not something I will rush out to purchase.

Color did not match my very fair skin. It was also very chalky. I really had high hopes because I lover their Blur eye treatment. Very disappointed.

I am African American with a carmel skin tone. I got the darkest tone they had. While it went on wonderfully smoothly it left an ashy/ chalky undertone. I'm guessing it was not made for darker skin tones.

I was not happy with the results and felt the product was heavy ad cakey and showed lines more than reduced their apprearance.

i am not happy with the the loreal visible lift foundation it matched my skin color well but it did not hide or help cover anything on my face,it looked a little cakey too.

I tried this product for a few days and really wanted to like it, but I don't. It was too greasy, heavy and did not provide the coverage that I needed. I actually have very good skin, with the exception of a little darkness underneath my eyes from lack of sleep. This foundation just didn't work for me. I'm happy that it worked for others, but not for me. Thank you for the opportunity to try out this product.

I did not like this foundation. While it went on smoothly it made the skin on my face feel itchy. It felt like it was sitting "on top" of my skin and I just kept wanting to wipe my face.

I felt like it would show all my flaws and made me break out. Not to happy with it.

went on to thin could see the pores on my nose and blemishes. I would not buy it

I received this product and tried it immediately. Sadly, as I applied it the first time, I was not impressed. I am a foundation wearer and I felt this product did not cover well, it was too thin, and I felt this was just not a quality product for me.

Didn't provide very consistent coverage.

My skin felt soft. The foundation felt lightweight. I did not like the color it did not match my skin tone and it did not cover up the redness in my skin.

I didn't care for it. The color matched just right but not happy that there is no sunscreen in it. While I wear a moisturizer with sunscreen I also like my foundation to have it as well. It felt like I was putting whipped crisco on my face but after some time it wasn't oily feeling. I couldn't put it near my eyes as it made my eye makeup smear. It has no coverage, very sheer. Just not for me. Sorry.

I wish I had the same experience that most reviewers had, I was disappointed in its performance. I felt like it did not even out my skin tone or provide the coverage I need. After all, that's why I wear foundation in the first place!

It makes skin look flawless ... IF you already have great skin with no wrinkles and tiny pores. The small area of my face that is flawless looked amazing and perfect. The rest of my face was a mess. It made every line appear very deep, and showed every pore i have. I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend who has good skin, I give it high ratings for what it does on good skin, but it;s not for me.