Dove Dark Chocolate

Dove Dark Chocolate

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smooth and tasty I love this dark chocolate, smooth and tasty. I buy this product very often and it's perfect to have one after each meal.

Love Dove dark chocolate - melts in your mouth. Actually makes you feel good.

I like these because I can buy a big bag and have one piece of individually wrapped chocolate a day. I'm less likely to sit down and eat a whole bag (or bar). The chocolate quality is average, compared to the $4 chocolate bars I sometimes buy for a treat and eat extra slowly (like over a period of a month) Dove pales in comparison. But it's good quality for the price and it comes in a bunch of different varieties, including seasonal.

Dove chocolate is divine. Creamy and smooth as it melts in your mouth. I hide these for myself.

Love Dove dark chocolate it tastes lovely and just the right amount of sweetness. Simply delicious.

This is my favorite candy! Not too bitter like other dark chocolate.

I am a chocoholic. I love Dove Milk Chocolate squares and eat them daily as a treat.

Really good even though I dont like dark chocolate

Yum. Chocolate that is creamy and good, but with just a bit less guilt.

I am a sweet girl. Meaning, I am not full of myself however most days I am full of chocolate. I love it. Serious sweet tooth. I am not a dark chocolate fan. If I am in a chocolate decision making situation, it will not be a Dove product.

This is my fave chocolate of all time. When my hubs gives me flowers he also gives me a bag of these. It's one of those things that we give to each other to let the other know we are thinking of them.

One of the best chocolates that are affordable!

Really great tasting chocolate... melts in your mouth YUM

I love dark chocolate but I find these to have a taste that is a little too strong and not as creamy. I like the little quotes that are on the inside of the wrappers. These are more of a one or two will do it instead of a little snack.

I buy Dove chocolate regularly however find the dark chocolate to be a bit too dark and not as creamy as I'd like.