Cascade Platinum

Cascade Platinum

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Still dirty I have a 2 year old Miele dishwasher. I've tried different kinds of dishwasher soaps. The Cascade Platinum has thus far given the best results. However, my utensils still come out with water stains. Why pay more if it doesn't do the job? Hence, I'm still looking for a better soap.

These cascade dishwasher pacs are great!! They leave all my dishes sparkly clean, no grease, no grime, nothing!!

It leave clean the dishes. You don't need clean before you put in the dishwasher. I love it.

My New Dishwasher Deserves the Best I like the product but it is a bit pricey. I like that it is individually packed and that there is no chance of spilling the powder or liquid. I have stained clothes when I spilled it accidentally on black (always black) leggings.

Does a good job of cleaning my dishes and leaving my glasses sparklingly clear!

Only one that I like This is the only dishwasher soap that I felt like cleaned my dishes. I have a broken dishwasher now and not able to use them.

I do not use anything but these. I find they are a better bargain than getting the gel and other brands that have tabs don't work as well.

Great dishwasher soap This is the only dishwasher soap I use. It cleans well, even stuck on food. I also like that it doesn't leave a taste or odor on dishes. I have tried a lot of other brands but the Cascade brand is the one for me.

Cascade is worth the money! I have to say that these are an excellent choice if you want clean dishes. I bought these and I bought a store brand and used both to compare. I was having to use two of the store brand or wash again when using the store brand. But not with Cascade. I highly recommend these over other brands. You get what you pay for.

Just picked these up the other day. I must say I really like them! No residue on your hands and no spots on my dishes.

Cascade has been around for ever Its the best dishwasher soap I'll use nothing else! who wants to rewash there dishes not me I have other things to do.

My #1 dishwasher detergent Wonderful product! Simple, no mess and a great clean. After using Cascade pods I can never go back to regular detergent.

Magical These are my favorite dish detergent packs. However, let's be honest, I only started buying them because the box was pretty and purple. And the name sounds cool. It's like magic in your dishwasher

I absolutely love these pods! They always clean super well and I never have an issue with any left on food or residue. They leave the dishes and dishwasher sparkling and smelling great.

I got these free from Smiley360 to review. They work so good. Clean all my dishes and leave them shiny without leaving residue or gunk. I will definitely buy again.