Best Bottom  Cloth DIapers

Best Bottom Cloth DIapers

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I LOVE the Best Bottom cloth diapering system. I have used other cloth diapers, and these are my favorite. They snap in place as opposed to being a pocket diaper. The are easy to clean, as you only have to clean the insert and wipe off the diaper cover. One draw back is that the snap is in my baby's back, so when she was a newborn, she found these uncomfortable and we did not use them. Now that she is a little older, these are so much quicker to put together, and I don't have to carry around 5 cloth diapers in her bag, just the inserts! When she's dirty, take off the diaper, change the insert, wipe off the diaper, snap in a new insert, and put the diaper back on! It's great!! and the inserts are very inexpensive compared to the cost of an entire cloth diaper :)

love the feel and comfort.cloth has never been so good

Not for chunky babies - but they hold up well While I love cloth diapering and have used many different types and brands since 2011 when we had our first kiddo (we've since had two more children in cloth - 2014, 2017)... the Best Bottoms brand is not near the top of my list of favorites. We've had the AI2 (all in two) system with a snap in contoured insert with snap rise and waist adjustments. I felt our kids grew out of the Best Bottoms really early on despite them being one size and made to fit newborns through young tots. I've tried different waist and rise combos to find the perfect fit but they just seem small. Also, the inserts aren't super absorbent compared to other brands. This is just my experience with the Best Bottoms. I have had plenty of friends who have tried them and love them. Two of which, use exclusively the Best Bottoms brand. One of those friends has leaner babies, so I'm guessing its just all a matter of what works for each baby. Overall though, the diapers we have had lasted through all of my kids (granted they are not our 'go to' diapers) and still show little signs of wear. The snaps are still tight and secure.

I love these. Reuseable diapers are a great way to prevent waste.

These are my all time favorite cloth! I have lots of other brands but always go back to my best bottoms! They are easy to wash and they are very absorbent!

Our favorite cloth diaper cover. They are easy to clean, come in cute designs, and fit my baby well. We use ours with prefolds instead of the inserts and they still work great.