John Freida Frizz Ease Sheer Solution

John Freida Frizz Ease Sheer Solution

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I've used Frizz Ease in the past, and while I would love for it to have the same effect on my hair as it does on say, my mom or sister's hair, it does not. It's the only serum that I've tried that really weighs my hair down. I have fine, straight hair, so I like to really use a volumizer and a serum for shine, especially after putting a ton of product in my hair when I want it to look super sexy. I would recommend this serum to someone who perhaps, has thicker hair.

I like this prouduct a lot. I have corse frizzy hair and it keeps it in check so when I style it it doesn't look crazy. :)

Works good for frizz hair and I always impressed by this brand.

This futuristic looking product gave me the hair I always knew I could have! Using it is easy as you apply to wet hair and blow drying is a cinch! It tames my locks for days, even in high humidity. It works well for both blowdrying and styling. I had good results with air drying and a curling iron! This Frizz Ease is not sticky, greasy or filmy in any way. It goes in clean and stays clean with only a light scent. This genius product makes it possible for me to give myself a proper blowout. Love it! And it doesn't dry my hair out!

I love the whole line of Frizz Ease. This keeps your hair looking great for days and doesn't make it look greasy!

I've tried millions of products for my curly thick hair and nothing has done more help than this product. This makes my hair so soft and moisturized and silky so glad i tried this out.

I like this product to tame my fine, frizzy hair. It doesn't feel oily at all. I like the smell, and the brand in general.

This is one of those beauty items I cannot live without. I have medium to fine hair but it also has a curl to it. I daily straighten it and would not be able to even brush through it without Frizz Ease. It is light-weight, odorless and smooth to put on, you only need a drop and my hair is longer than my shoulders, make sure to only put on the ends of your hair and then brush through when damp. Greatest product for my hair!