Peter Rosch My Dead Friend Sarah

Peter Rosch My Dead Friend Sarah

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While I enjoyed the book, there were definitely some items which made me take back a star. For one, I felt like the book dragged on a bit--especially with the beginning, which seems contrary to most books. Secondly, while I enjoyed the ending, it was made obvious what will eventually happen when you're about 10 pages from the ending--don't do that! I want to hear the ending WHEN the ending comes, not 10 pages before it actually happens. Lastly, my mind seemed to zone in and out of the story at times. This might have been because there wasn't that much action going on, or it might have just been due to my mind making its likely disappearance. Either way, I would have loved more action besides simply having Max follow Sarah around. Now, to what I liked--the characters! I haven't read a book which had me so engrossed in the mind of a character since first reading the Song of Ice and Fire books. Even though I never really got into Sarah's head like I did with Max, she was still an interesting character and I could empathize with her. Max's character, on the other hand, was written in a way that made the story seem like a memoir--and it almost is with the alcoholic take. I just cannot begin to state what a good portrayal the author managed to create of Max. It's true what they say, when you really get close to a character, after finishing the book it is almost like the character has died. There were a few humorous lines which really stuck with me--one being connected to zombies and another to the military--which I just HAD to read to my father who also found them hilarious. However, hints of humor and great characters still don't make a book I come to love. I may have found a new friend with Max, but that doesn't mean the book itself was anything special. Max, I hope to meet you again in another world where maybe you're fighting your struggles a little more and finally opening yourself up.