Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse

Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Mousse

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This is the only product that doesnt weigh my hair down keeps it nice and soft and frizz free

Love it My favorite mouse!! It makes my hair look so awesome when I scrunch it!! It smells amazing!!

This is the only mousse I use ever, my kids know me by this smell. I've been using this for 15 years.

Great product. It helps calm my frizz and smells great!

I use this product everyday and I have been for quite a few years now... I generally use the higher numbers in terms of strength due to my hair just being a complete pain in the butt ALL THE TIME -.- (It's thick and curly..) and honestly I used to hate my hair so much to the point where I wanted to get it permanently straightened, but after I started using this, I didn't want to get rid of my curls anymore. They are really pretty now and not to mention i'm always told that my hair smells great! It works and doesn't leave your hair with that gross hard feeling like some other products do. If you scratch it also doesn't become flaky and I think as long as you pick an appropriate strength it is good for all hair types and styles~ It lasts me throughout the day and I would definitively recommend it~

i looooove this stuff! i pair it up with the matching gel for my wavy hair and it smells wonderful!

I have tried many products out on the market but I keep coming back to this mouse. The only problem i have had is that my local store is always running out. I use one canister every two weeks. It smell awesome and keeps my hair looking great all day! It is a little crunchier than it use to be but this product is still ten times better than anything else I have used.

Herbal Essences Mousse are very good and the smell is nice

I love this product! Not only is it reasonably priced it also works really well! I usually use the mousse when my hair is wet and it keeps my hair from getting frizzy.

My favorite, everyday hair product. Provides great hold. I

I have used this for a long time now nd I love it. It leave nice soft curls that hold there shape all day.

Worked exactly the way I wanted it to. My hair is naturally straight as a board and waist length so it's very heavy, and this products really helps to hold the curls and keep them from falling out like they always do! Love it!

Gives me perfect beachy waves, and has great hold. No frizz after using this and the scent is amazing.

Wow! I wasn't expecting a lot from this product because it was so cheap... but wow! I have curly 2c/3a hair and it is super frizzy. Usually products I have work well in the morning, but by the end of the day my hair is a frizzy undefined tangled mess...with this mousse, my curls remained defined and non-sticky all day long! (Note: my results were after diffusing my hair) My favorite part about this product was how shiny it made my curls look (without looking like I put too much product)! Also, this mousse it silicone free so if your a CG, like me, you'll love this find!

I used to use Rave Mousse but sadly that was discontinued a while back, since then I've been trying to find a mousse that can work as well but nothing seemed to be as good as that one. Then, I decided to try this one out and while it isn't exactly as good as the Rave one was, it does a good job. This mousse helps give my natural curl a bit more shape while also holding the style. If you put too much in it might make your hair a bit crunchy but that can easily be scrunched out. This mousse also doesn't cause white flakes so give it a try.