Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Shampoo

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Care Shampoo

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Left so much residue, made my hair unmanageable and it left my scalp in worse condition

Felt like it dried my hair out. I have thin hair but a lot of it.

I have naturally red hair so it's got a coarse texture. I normally use Dove shampoo & conditioner and will continue to do so because the Clear Scalp system did not make my hair shiny, soft, or healthier. In fact, after using the Clear system for 2 weeks now my hair is very frizzy, drier than it was with Dove, and neither silky nor soft. In fact, the ends feel crispy- I'm going to have to go get a trim early now.

I generally buy high-end hair products, but I do have a few holy grail cheap drugstore products that I love, so I was really hoping to find some more to add to the collection. The smell is great; fresh and slightly feminine. It also lated much longer than the scent of most other shampoos. Unfortunately this is the most positive thing I can say about it. It lathered very well, but unfortunately I know this is just a marketing technique to make consumers feel like thier hair is cleaner. It requires unnecessary ingredients that do not make the hair cleaner in appearance or feel. Though I rinsed it well, it didn't get the squeaky, light feeling I am used to with my shampoos without such a strong lather. I used this with my usual heat protector to make sure that no additional styling products would effect how it makes me hair. It was pretty flat without the usual volume and movement. My hair was somewhat dull and looked greasy on top much sooner than it usually does. On the plus side, my hair felt very soft, but this wasn't enough to make up for the overall lackluster appearance. I tried this several times just wanting to like it because of the clever packagining, scent, and who doesn't love a cheap, great shampoo? This just wasn't for me, and I can't say I would suggest it to anyone based on my experience.

to heavy for my fine hair

Not really a fan of this shampoo. It smells great but it feels like it strips your hair of any natural oils that your hair needs leaving it hard to run your fingers through it even when wet.

I really wanted to try this, but the scent was so strong that I was sneezing before I even got it out of the UPS box it arrived in. I'd love to test the scalp benefits, but until there's a version with a less overpowering scent, I can't even open the bottle.

I received mine in the mail and have used it for several days now. I love the smell and it lathers really good. However, it did not leave my hair feeling as clean as my regular shampoo.

Smell is too strong. Gives me a headache. Won't be using it again.

The smell of this product was nice, but that's really the only nice thing I have to say about it. It made my hair feel greasy and like there was a film on it. I tried it several times just to make sure it wasn't a fluke or I didn't rinse well enough or something, but it was the same every time. Would never buy this or recommend it to anyone.

After the first 2 trys of using this product with the conditioner with terrible results for my hair. I tried it with out the conditioner, and it was still too heavy for my hair. Like another reviewer, I liked the smell and wanted to like it, it just didnt work for me. I have fine hair, lots of it and if I use the right shampoo, generally clear (not the brand) then my hair has great volume and bounce. This shampoo is too thick & creamy and left my hair greasy and limp. Would I recommend this to someone that has hair like me, NO! Would I recommend this to someone like my sister who uses these types of shampoo, Yes. So for now i will stick to my Herbal Essence "Drama Clean"

never got

I still haven't received my Clear product in the mail. When will I get it?

Did not care for this product at all! Made my hair dry, brittle and I started losing it - definately will not use this again!

I have long, curly, very thick hair. This shampoo dried out my scalp horribly. For the week that I forced myself to use it, it was a vicious cycle of shampooing, getting super itchy scalp and feeling the need to shampoo my hair more than I typically do, shampooing, and the cycle continued. Since most of the reviews are positive, I can only assume that I was having a reaction to an ingredient. However, the Clear Total Care Conditioner is awesome and I'm still using it today.