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How do I even possibly start to review Style United?? The site is so awesome that I don't have enough space to fit every single word that describes it!! Style United gets me together and gives me what I need on so many levels. YEeees!! I joined two months ago and I've learned my fashion style type to the tee. I'm always learning me makeup tips from the video tutorials and experts, and have applied those tips to my own personal regime. I've learned about the benefits of skincare products that I've purchased that have improved my skin, like the dry brushing article. The fashion experts rock and keep me informed on the latest trends...Ooo ...I really have discovered a new view for a better me!! I'm spreading the love do fierce about Style United because I've never seen a site as awesome...I'm actually addicted to the site so much that I get my daily "fixes" of beauty and fashion from them at work, home, Facebook Twitter, child just WHEREVER!! Style United isOVAH, and I love and recommended to all the ladies!!! 5 stars easily!!! :) :)