Dr. Seuss The Foot Book

Dr. Seuss The Foot Book

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Me and my children have enjoyed this book ever since they were little toddlers. My son is now 6 and still loves this book. He was excited because they read it in his kindergarten class this week. It's an easy read and it helps teach children left from right too.

The repetition of certain sounds and words made this a quick favorite with my twin boys. Very easy, fast read that's just the right amount of time.

As a mom and kindergarten teacher, I have read this book about a million times! It's really great for opening up discussion about the difference between your foot and the 'foot' measurement. The kids always love the repetition of Dr. Seuss books.

One of my 2 year old's favorites. It has good repetition and a nice "sing song" rythym to it so your children can read along with you.

great book that is high on my list to give to my 5 newphews

An excellent book. I have read this book to my son since he was very little. It is one of the books that he always wants me to read over and over to him.

Can't beat the master. A great one for learning left and right

One of my favorites from my childhood that all of my children also loved!

A great Dr. Seuss learning tool; however, I only rated it 4 stars because it is not my favorite Dr. Seuss book. Most other Dr. Seuss books are philosophical in some way or another, lending to its readability as an adult. The Foot Book on the other hand is very literal and helpful for young readers.