P.D. Eastman Go, Dog. Go!

P.D. Eastman Go, Dog. Go!

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This was the first book I ever read, and it will always be special to me. Dr. Suess has awesome, fun books for children.

First book my son read on his own...okay so I read it to him so much...he memorized it. And yes....I do like your hat.

i remember this book from when i was little

This story teaches kids about lights and stopping great story live it.

This was an easy read for my daughter in kindergarten and first grade, she really loved it, along with all the other Dr.Seuss books!!

Great book has been around a long time :-)

Reading is so very important for children at any age. Dr. Seuss is a wonderful addition to your children's library. My children are grown and I now have grandchildren and have started to purchase Dr. Suess for them. My son even used a Dr. Seuss book in his class in high school for a project.

This was one of y favorite strorys as a child & now I read it to my daughter, Over 7 over & over again. I like how it repeats words so that the child will start to learn it & the fact that it rhymes as well. The Pictures as great as well.

This is our family's favorite Dr. Seuss book- even though it isn't technically a Dr. Seuss book. We were members of the Dr. Seuss book club and received it from them. My kids always loved the crazy hats the dogs were wearing and all the places they drove their cars. We are also huge "Green Eggs and Ham" fans at our house.

cute childs story my girls liked it

I love this book! My daughter would be so excited about reading after finishing this book she would run to the bookcase and pull out story after story.

This is one of my son's favorite Dr. Seuss books. We have a rather large Dr. Seuss collection and he has about 5 favorites that he always wants read to him and this is one of them. I love all Dr. Seuss books, they were my favorite as a little girl and I am glad that I can pass on the fun of these books to my son.

This is a fun book to read! It is an easy reader.

My daughters had a lot of fun learning to read this book. My 6 year old read it out loud every day for two weeks straight when they first got the book, then my 5 year old started to recite it mostly from memory. It is funny listening to her say how she remembers the book contents. They both agree it was not very nice for the one to say that he did not like the other ones hat. Now they read it to their 4 month old brother, and he loves the pictures!!

My two year old loves this book. Last week, this was the book he requested to read at nap time and at bed time every day. He loves the part when the female dog asks the male dog if he likes her hat. He always asks the question and answers with "I do not like your hat." He also loves telling that the dogs are going to the tree to play. It's a cute Dr. Seuss book, which one of his books isn't cute?