Adi Designs 710 Midcalf Boots

Adi Designs 710 Midcalf Boots

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After trying on a friend's Ugg boots, I found them delightfully warm and cozy. However, I do not ever pay that kind of money for a pair of shoes or boots! so the next time I was in my local Kmart, and saw a pair that - to me - looked exactly the same, but were $9.99, I tried them on. Wonderful fit and just as comfy. Then when I was in a Target store, I happened upon some that were in a saddle brown color (the Kmart pair was black), tried them on and got them too. They were $12.00, but that is still in my price range! I lived in these two pairs this Winter. I wore the black with both my dressy black pants and my casual stretchy pants, and the saddle brown with my jeans. Both were very comfortable to walk in, and kept my toes nice and cozy. So if you come upon any on sale in the big box stores now that Spring is approaching, try them on and get them for next Winter. Your feet will thank you!