Hugh Laurie Let Them Talk

Hugh Laurie Let Them Talk

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I am by no means any kind of expert on the Blues, even as a native Floridian for 41 years (yes we *are* a part of the South thankyouverymuch). But I know what I like when I listen to music. And this album has earned a place in my favorites. Yes, I am a die-hard House and Hugh Laurie fan. I watch the show. I write fan-fic. I read The Gun Seller and wept metaphorically when a proposed second novel was scrapped. So there was no question that I would buy the album. I balked at the US price so I headed over to the UK site--got my album today (listening to it now). Of course now Amazon US has dropped the price, a very wise move. And when the special set comes out next month, I'll probably purchase that as well. Yes I adore Hugh Laurie *that much*. So back to my lack of knowledge....I do play piano, have taught it, and so I can appreciate the piano talent of Laurie, who from the liner notes, appears to have only taken lessons for a few months, so I assume the rest is self-taught. I have to admire such a beautiful sound and touch on the keys which obviously comes naturally to him. I've read some negativity because "he's a star". Well, so what? If his fame affords him the ability to do what he so passionately loves--and he's mentiond that the 8th season of House may be the last because he wants to get back to music--then good for him. That he shares this with his fan is but a thankyou/love letter to us. And to Laurie, I say, thank you. I may never be a blues fan, but this album gives me a sweet taste of it, and a better appreciate for the talent that is Blue Eyes Hugh Laurie. Good medicine, indeed.

I absolute love this album and his other albums as well. I never knew he did music. I loved him in the show HOUSE! He is a very talented guy and seems really down to earth.

Great album!!!!!