Lauren Kate Fallen

Lauren Kate Fallen

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Interesting series! It gets more complicated and weird as the story goes on. I loved through. I cant want to see what do with movie.

So glad this series is going to become a movie! Great book, great series! Lauren Kate tells such a great story of young love that is tested through time.

Love the series. They kept me interested.

This series is really great. I loved the mythology of the two characters finding each other over and over. His punishment is having to see her die. I wasn't a fan of the insta love attraction but it became less annoying as the books continue!

Loved these series of books! They were very dark but heart warming at the same time! I recommend everyone give these books a try!

I really like this book. It's the first book I read that is about angels and its a very captivating story with a genuinely beautiful cover. The sequels to this book? Not as impressive but still worth a read.

I really liked this book a lot. I have no doubt that this will be the next young adult series craze once Twilight dies down. From vampires to Angels, this no doubt was a good read regardless of the audience it's geared to. It was written well and keeps you engaged throughout the whole book. I can't say much for the second book in the series but the first shot was worth a look.