Susan Gregory The Daniel Fast

Susan Gregory The Daniel Fast

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I recently had the chance to read The Daniel Fast to provide a review. Up to this point I had never heard about The Daniel Fast. So I as I begin to read I quickly learned it was a fast that was modeled after a fast that the Prophet Daniel had undertaken that was clearly explained in the book of Daniel. I will try to briefly outline what it is about.The author begins by telling us the difference between three different fasting methods.The Daniel Fast is referred to as a partial fast which is defined as one that you will still eat food but it will basically be similar to a vegan diet and you will abstain from caffeine and sweeteners. And only drink filtered water. She goes on to tell us to examine our lives and try to come up with the top three or four things that cause us stress or concern and present those to God. The fast is typically suppose to be for 21 days. But the length of your personal fast depends on you and the prompting of the Holy Spirit ,if you are doing this on your own. If not and you are doing it,say with your church as a whole, then it would depend on their outline. The Author goes on to explain why and how Daniel lived his spiritual life and how he went about his fasting ritual. He had a true dedication to God that we should try to achieve. If we are to be so diligent.His love for God is evident we should only hope to be that good. But Susan Gregory does not leave us empty handed. She equips us with recipes to use during our fast and she also has included a daily devotional of sorts to help us to stay focused along the way. This is a must read for any of us that wish to get closer on our walk of faith with our Heavenly Father. This book was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest review by Tyndale Media Group.