Susan Meissner A Sound Among the Trees

Susan Meissner A Sound Among the Trees

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I just finished reading A Sound Among the Trees. The first part of the book, set in modern times, was average in my opinion... but once I got to the letters that were written during the Civil War, I was hooked. The characters were well defined, and the settings written with such detail that I feel as though I've seen a photo of Fredericksburg during Civil War times. Overall, I enjoyed this book and would like to read another book by Susan Meissner.

Where to begin there are a few stories being told. I have always been drawn to stories that are in the past, usually in the 15th-17th century. One story is told in 1860 and actually quite consummed me in the history and suspense of the events. The Civil War, slaves, hiding soldiers, cellars, ghosts and secret letters. Through all these events and then some, one thing remains- the Holly Oak house. Generations of woman Eliza,Susannah, Adelaide, Caroline, Sara, Marielle and their lives, their families and their secrets come full circle among the sounds in the trees.

This book was interesting to me.Not a favorite but it did keep me guessing.I especially liked reading 'the letters?.To summarize this book it is in a nutshell about a very old house that withstood a Civil War battle that played out all around it.It takes place in modern day but takes you on a journey that spans several generations to a time that like so many of us believe contain ghosts if you will from the past. The plot centers around Susannah a supposed traitor to the United States.For decades everyone believed she housed Union soldiers but we soon found out things are not always what they seem. As a result of that the current residents believe that the house has some kind of hold on them that can only be explained by the ties to the past.When in reality the things that this family has endured really has nothing to do with the past.The dark cloud over their lives is something that they put there themselves. Which in a sense I believe we all do that at one time or another.We believe things to be a certain way because we try to find an explanation for something that is truly in God's hands and not our own. This family only starts to heal from the sins of their pasts when they realize this and try to move forward. This free book was sent to me for my honest review by WaterBrook Multnomah Blogging For Books Program.