Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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This is my first time using Lysol and this is my last time! It hardly even clung to the bowl. I squeezed under the rim and all of it slide right down to the bottom of the bowl, hardly any of it stuck to the sides for me to scrub with. I really expected more out of Lysol but this is definitely not impressive. I think I'll go back to the clorox toilet bowl cleaners.

This product leaves blue stains in my toilet for a couple days after use. Its okay but I would prefer something not blue.

Not one of its best products. This is not one of the best products Lysol has put out to be honest. Yes it does clean my toilet, but at the same time it has more cons than pros to me. Pros: Thick gel formula, does clean. Come: can over time stain the toilet, overpowering odor, will stain whatever it comes in contact with.

Don't really think this product cleans toilets just disinfects, I scrub the toilets with this and leave for a while to disinfect.

This is probably the brand that I would go with for toilet bowl cleaner, unless there is a deal I can't pass up on another brand. It works fairly well.

Smells good, leaves the bowl clean, just use your bowl brush and it will help keep the blue from staining your bowl.

I really like the Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner. They have it that also comes with the added bleach and I can't say enough about it! It is extremely tough on stains in the bathroom and will keep the toilet sparkling! A must have.

By far my favorite toilet cleaner. I LOVE the smell and it works wonders. Not to mention it's relatively inexpensive!

Works well, as expected. Generally prefer Lysol bathroom cleaning products to others - never disappointed.

Cleans very well.

Clings well to bowl and keeps my bowl clean all week long. Also has a pleasant smell.

Works very well. I recently found it at a Dollar Tree so it was an even greater value!

Hands down my favorite toilet bowl cleaner! It's so powerful and I can often find it at my local Dollar Tree. It's easy, cheap and strong!

Great product, really cleans and smells great. I have only purchased this product once but will probably purchase again.

Bought this because of the price but like the fact that the liquid is thicker and actually sticks to the bowl. It also smells really nice. It's hard to get the toilet to smell any other way but this usually does the trick.