Revolution Flea and Heart Worm Control

Revolution Flea and Heart Worm Control

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This is a great product! Used it on my cat as a flea prevention. Works great!

I recommend this over Frontline because this also gets ear mites and roundworms. That means you don't have to do the 3 rounds of de-worming. 3 in one! Cats should not be going outside off leash or off porch unsupervised due to all the dangers, but stray cats can't help that. This is the best assurance that your foster cat will not pass on parasites to your cats.

I totaly used this for pets!! Works well and keeps fleas off of them!!

I had an issue with flea infestation as well as reoccurring ear mites. This product had no side effects on my cat, other than a little greasy on the fur. I noticed the fleas dying all over the place! Good way to keep them away, but my cats ear mites reappeared, and so did the fleas even after cleaning the house several times.

Use it on both of my cats. It is one of the best products out there. its a 2 in 1 and you are done. My one cat acts like a drama queen about it but I know its fine because I have gotten it on my face and I have extremely sensitive skin and I was fine. My Mom the Vet wouldn't give her grand-babies anything but the best.

We use this every month for our 4 1/2 year old jack Russell terrier. We have been using it since we got her at 4 months old, recommended by our vet. There is no reason to switch!

My cat has seizures about 2 days after applying, is there anyone else who has had this problem? I am considering using separate heart worm and flea meds.

I started using Revolution when I had a dog that was allergic to everything - including Hartguard Plus. Since it doesn't go into the tummy, she could use it. I absolutely love it and will not use anything else now!!! My dogs are a major part of my life .... they are medical service dogs. So they are my nurses and my lifeline. I would be totally housebound without them. It works outstandingly! It is 1 product that does a bunch of different things. And with the new prevalence of bed bugs (although this isn't commented on by the company) Revolution also kills any bugs that might try to catch a ride on your dog in order to make it into your home!!! It means SO much to me that my best friend/nurse/helper is comfortable, protected, and healthy!!!

I have used this product by Pfizer on all my cats since they were little (it comes in 3 sizes) and have never had a flea nor heart worm problem. Not only does it eliminate fleas on the animal's coat, but it keeps all their bedding and any area of your home they occupy FREE from fleas and ticks. It also prevents ear mites and a number of internal parasites. You use it once a month and it comes in a liquid form in a tiny vial - you break open the vial and put on the back of the cat's neck. It couldn't be more simple! You do need a prescription for this product. Ask your Vet if they do price matching - mine does and they will give me the best price I can find on the internet! I have only had one problem in 8 years of usage with my cats - we had a HUGE tick infestation one Spring and ticks did attach to one of my outdoor cats, but the ticks died quickly - I did have to remove them by hand though. My Vet advised me that they had nothing that could prevent it that year as there were just too many ticks. Other than that year and that season, I have enjoyed many years of flea-free living!