Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

Torani Pumpkin Pie Syrup

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i love the pumkin pie syrup. it was so good. i am almost done with the bottle. made great tasting coffee. and it is the perfect time for pumkin pie syrup.

The Torani Syrups are all amazing - this Pumpkin Pie adds a festive holiday touch to hot beverages, oatmeal, ice cream and recipes! I really love it - it adds great taste that is super convenient. You can find these at Wal-Mart and World Markets locally or on the Torani website at

This is really like having a bottle of liquid pumpkin pie! So wonderful in coffee drinks.. my fave way was to make mocha and then add it to that. or just to my homemade hot chocolate too. It is great in just warmed milk too with whipped cream on top. or atop ice cream or cheesecake to give em the pumpkin taste. What a fabulous test this was! Very impressive samples for sure and such high quality!! This is a delicious seasonal treat! I will look forward to adding this to my list each year. Just super, thanks SO much!!

An amazing aroma greets you when you open this syrup. I expected a pumpkin flavor but was so surprised that this tasted like actual authentic pumpkin pie. Wonderful seasonal flavor with the right amount of sweet and spice.

I was thrilled to receive this flavor of Torani Flavored Syrup as a part of the Torani program on SheSpeaks. I love Pumplin flavored anything!! I immediately got to work and created some delicious coffee that I enjoyed over and over. I have been familiar with Torani Syrups and will continue to use. The Pumpkin Pie flavor is a good represenation of Pumpkin Pie- not too sugary or too strong or rich, just perfect! I recommend this great seasonal treat!

I have to admit I was a bit turned off when I saw I received the pumpkin pie flavor of Torani and I wasn't very eager to try it. I waited a couple of days and finally got the nerve to add it to my coffee. I was pleasantly surprised. I absolutely love it. It's not very overwhelming and that's what makes it my new favorite Torani syrup flavor. I really can't get enough of it. I've been adding to just about everything I drink.

Delicious, seasonal flavor! This was so great! It tasted delicious and added a special twist for a new holiday tradition!

Torani Pumkin Pie Flavor System Is Too! Delicious. I Really Loved The Flavor Of Torani Pumpkin Pie. It Was Rich And Oh So Delicious . Just Like A Real Pumpkin Pie. I Used It In Different Drinks And It Just Made It Taste Even Better. I Will Buy This Flavor again . I think It Would Be Great As A Gift For Friends and Family Too!.

I recieved a very generous sized bottle of the pumpkin syrup and I'm in love! I spend a fortune in the coffee shops during the fall. Pumkin is my favorite flavors. I found it to taste very authentic and not too sweet, which I like. there are so many uses for this,add to cake recipes and muffins. alchoholic drinks etc. I had all my friends and family sample this and they have all enjoyed it, even some that don't normally like pumpkin flavor. I handed coupons to my friends and family and they all happy to purchase their own...

Oh boy! My Torani Flavored Syrup samples were on my front step when I got home from work Tuesday. Last night after dinner, I made a cup of coffee, added some Torani Hazelnut syrup, topped it with canned whipped cream and oooooooooh, it was so good!!! I'm going to give the Gingerbread flavor a try this evening. My family is in for a real treat thisThanksgiving when the after dinner coffee is served! Since I won't have enough coupons to give to everyone, the 5 coupons that were included with the samples will go to the winners of the crazy games we always play after dinner. Thanks SheSpeaks!

This is so good! I cannot stop drinking it. Great pumpkin flavor, not too overpowering. If you like pumpkin flavor, then I can guarantee you will love this!

What a nice addition to the holiday season. Being able to garnish my coffee, ice cream, whipped cream or even use it in my pumpkin bread recipe has been a treat. It was nice reaching outside of what I'd normally buy and finding great new ways of using this classic Italian syrup.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to create my own coffeeshop flavor at home. The pumpkin pie flavor is authentic. They have captured it well. Just a little goes a long way. It is great in hot chocolate, steamed milk and in a cup of coffee. I also put some into my oatmeal, and over vanilla ice cream. I am looking forward to trying more flavors!

LOVED it!! I am a HUGE fan of pumpkin flavor, and this was awesome! Now I can enjoy pumpkin flavor all year round!

I have had Torani's syrups before, but never the flavors that came in my kit, which were Pumpkin Pie and Sugar Free Vanilla. I tend to be wary of sugarfree products as they usually have aspartame in them, which I'm allergic too, but this syrup used Splenda, so that was a positive. Had a fe friends over and we tried both syrups in coffee. The vanilla was great, but I personally thought the pumpkin pie was a bit too sweet for coffee, but no too sweet for the pumpkin pie martini! I'm going to use the coupons to try more flavors with the girls and a few as raffle gifts!