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  • sandramburns1959 By  sandramburns1959    

    I love this stuff!

    I really like this product. Easy to put in, and it works I won a sample, in a sweep, but does not change my opinion of this product.

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  • ksayan By  ksayan    


    Love this product!! It's great for detangling my thin, wavy hair.

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  • Classysarah By  Classysarah    

    Helps fight frizz, protects color, gives thermal protection, detangles. The list goes on and oneitu this Amazing product!

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  • BethAAnderson By  BethAAnderson    

    Worth every penny!

    LOVE this product. I put it in right after I shower and it helps me comb through 10X easier. I have less breakage and my hair is much healthier than before!

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  • mango55 By  mango55    

    miracle worker

    i love its a ten!! truly a miracle! ive been using this for years and it never weighed down my hair or made it greasy!

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  • cgsmith By  cgsmith    


    This is my all time favorite hair care product!! It makes my hair so soft and healthy and it also smells super good! I would honestly recommend this to everyone I know!

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  • colorvegas By  colorvegas    

    I like this product. It has helped my control my damaged hair better in between coloring's and hair cuts.

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  • kellyglam14 By  kellyglam14    

    I do like this product. Been using it for nearly 3 years now. Only downside is I can use only a small amount on my wet hair. It tends to make my hair too soft and unmanageable if I use more than 2 sprays.

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  • ashleysantana By  ashleysantana    

    Omg this is a holy grail product! leaves my hair feeling soft and it has the most amazing scent

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Pricey but worth it.

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  • amylynn76 By  amylynn76    

    Lovvvvvveeeee this stuff! But its kind of pricey so I dont buy it that often. Smells really good and makes my damaged, dry hair super soft and shiny. It lasts for a good amount of time as well.

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  • tam0706 By  tam0706    

    One of the few products that does not contain aragon oil that I still like. This leave in is pretty good.

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  • Blmille3 By  Blmille3    

    Love it! My hair feels and looks so much healthier now that I've started using this.

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  • gatewo11 By  gatewo11    

    I got this as a free sample and am very impressed so far. I use it as a leave-in condition/detangler for my very brittle, curly hair and it works wonders. It also works wonderfully as a heat protector. Plus it smells really good.

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  • zouzou87 By  zouzou87    

    Love it.

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