vitafusion  Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

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I have tried multiple brands of pre-natal vitamins, and I always end up feeling icky (even when I take them at night). The vitafusion Multi Vites prenatal (gummies) are fabulous. I felt good taking them, didn't feel sick at all, and am excited to be prepping my body to be a good home the little one we're trying for!!

Yummy, chewy, no bad aftertaste. Some prenatals are disgusting. These are actually fun to eat, and I look forward to taking these. No more burping up nasty popcorn-tasting prenatals. LOL

I had try the omega one. I was not a kid, but I love it as much as the other kid. It tasted good and easy to swallow. I would had eat more then one if I saw it at the counter table.

These were my favorite prenatals. They taste great and don't make you sick, but they don't have any iron in them.

This is one of the only prenatals that wouldn't make me sick immediately after. The flavor is ok, but when your pregnant these are the easiest flavors to stomach.

Chewy good Very great when expecting. Easy to take and let's be real it's very tasty. Fruity while staying Healthy why not.

Best prenatal gummies My pregnancy I suffered with nausea so bad and cannot keep my prenatal vitamins down. But these gummies saved me and they taste good and they never made me nauseous they were perfect.

This is my current prenatal vitamin and I've been taking it for about a month. It has the usual supplement amounts you'll find in most prenatal vitamins with the addition of fish oil. I've read that this can help with some of the nausea and odd cravings in pregnancy so it's a convenient plus :) While I do find it more palatable than the usual prenatal mega-sized pill, I do find the gummies to be supersweet. However, you're only having to chew them for less than a minute so it's not a dealbreaker.

I loved these prenatals while I was pregnant, but I ended up having to switch to Walgreen's brand, because they didn't have Iron in them. Now, while lactating I use premama.

Im currently taking these and i like them. They are easier to swallow than the regular pills & they taste good. The only problem I've found is a slight after taste, but overall I like this product. You can find these at Wal-Mart or a local drug store & they're affordable

Great if you hate pills Very easy to take if you dont like taking pills. There just a little too sweet