Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo

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This is a great new product. I have been waiting for something like this for years. It makes your no so fresh hair look and feel like its fresh again. This dry shampoo smells very good and is super easy to use. It's also very affordable. I received a sample and after trying it I went straight out and purchased it with the coupon they provided for me. It is a lifesaver for a busy wife and mother.

Works amazing for my hair!!! Love it so so much!!

I love this dry shampoo! I started washing my hair every other day so on the opposite day I use this dry shampoo. I have tried more expensive brands, but this one is still my favorite. Yes, it makes your hair turn white, but I spray it on, let it absorb some, then fully brush it through. It gives my hair a fresh scent, texture and eliminates grease.

Love this for a quick freshen up between washes. Smells amazing. I have dark brown hair so you definitely need to rub in the product once it's sprayed on, but this is helpful with the oil absorption.

I dye my hair blonde and I always use baby power in it to sort of get rid of grease and lighten my roots. I ran out and had somewhere important to be so I ran to the store and picked this up on my way, i used it religiously for a week and was AMAZED by how well it worked but by the end of the week i was completely out! I only used it like 5 times? I never repurchased it but its a great price and a great product and I recommend it to anyone, i guess my only complaint was I thought the bottle would last a lot longer.

Wow! What a tremendous dry shampoo, and at an efficient cost! Full coverage and adds volume

I was on the road for a few weeks, and taking a shower daily was not an option....i tried this dry shampoo and I was absolutely amazed how well it works!!! Makes you look like you just came from the shower, i would recommend this to everyone!!!

I am a slave to shampooing, or at least I was. If I wash my hair at 7am on Tuesday at 7:01 Wednesday morning the top of my head looks like a bus has drained its oil pan onto the roots of my hair. It was horrible. No more. This dry shampoo does the trick. I was highly skeptical to try this. I have tried so many other options. I have even gone so far as to put permanents in my hair to dry out the roots. Weird, I know, but it worked for about 2-3 weeks. I am a huge fan of this product. Thank you, Suave Professionals.

I use this product a couple times a week so that I can go a day without showering my hair. I have very greesy hair, yet this dry shampoo makes my hair look fresh and clean again! I just spray and then brush through to get rid of any white residue. It also adds volume and a nice scent. I have used several bottles and I think this is the longest-lasting dry shampoo I have found yet. Works great for my dark-blonde hair, though not sure what it would do with darker hair colors.

I've been using this product for a few weeks now and i like it very much. It's so affordable and smells really good. I also use it even after i washed my hair to give it some texture.

I love this stuff! It is very easy to use. As with the other review I have dark hair but with highlights so I don't find the "gray look" as an issue. I have normally dry hair but if I straighten it, I like to go at least a day in between washing and this is the prefect product.

I love this product. There are so many out there like it, but they are very costly this is inexpensive and does the trick. With 2 young kids sometimes a shower is not in the schedule and this helps to keep my hair looking fresh and not greasy. I spray it only where it is needed, mix it in with my fingers and style. On those days I want to just wear a ponytail, but my sides and back are a little greasy it helps to look better, and we all know an updo is best when your hair is not freshly washed. I keep this on hand really is a great product..only drawback is the bottle does not hold a lot.

This product is ok. I've only tried it once. My hair was really greasy since I haven't washed it for 2 days. I didn't have the time to wash it and I had to leave the house to run some errands so I decided to try this product out. It works like a hairspray. You spray it on your roots and use the heat of your palms to rub it in. My hair didn't feel greasy after but the smell of it wouldn't leave my room (maybe I used a lot). It wasn't a bad smell though. It's kind of pricey for a bottle that doesn't seem to contain a lot of the product. I would recommend it for emergency back-up purposes like in my above scenario but if you could wash your hair on a schedule and keep it clean, it would be cheaper than substituting with this product.

Suave Dry shampoo! This is my current favorite hair product. It makes my hair feel fuller and easier to manage. Especially having 5 kids and on the go alot. This product smells great and makes my hair feel wonderful!!

It works, but I don't think it's the greatest. It does have a really nice smell though and it's very affordable!