CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Pressed Powder

CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Age-Defying Pressed Powder

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Cover Girl was my very first make-up product when I was a teenager and it continues to be one of my staples in my bag. This Pressed Powder is my favorite! Not only does it help keep my foundation smooth and on point, but it keeps the shine away and brightens my complexion as I run around chasing my Kiddos.

I really like this powder! It definitely has a brightening effect. In the summer if it's too light for my face, I use it to set my concealer and brighten me eyes.


It's a great compact powder and I really like this formula. The color matches my skin well and I love the added Oil of Olay. I want to fight the signs of aging in every step of my makeup--you're never too young to start using anti-aging ingredients/formulas :)

CoverGirl really makes some good face powders, granted don't like them all, but I find a lot of them work great for my skin. I have repurchased this many times and will continue to do so, hopefully it doesn't get discontinued. I started off just using this as a regular face powder, which I still like it for. But since I have only had a little bit around the edge of the pan, which I can't pick up with a face brush, I have been taking my ELF defining brush and picking up the product around the edge and using it to set my concealer, mostly my under eye concealer. This really sets my concealer and makes it stay for about 8 hours and makes my skin so soft and smooth in the areas I apply it. Plus it does brighten up the eye area and lighten it up since it does have some coverage. No matter how much I would put of this powder on my face it would not cake up on my, which is totally amazing. Also this doesn't cling to the dry spots on my face. Not really any complaints about the packaging. Overall, one of my favorite face powders and I say try it out!