Robin Miller Quick Fix Meals

Robin Miller Quick Fix Meals

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This cookbook is a life saver. it makes delicious meals from very little and they are ingredients you already have on hand. If you don't have a lot of time to prepare foods, this is the book for you.

I love this cookbook because it is simple and it is not one of those cookbooks where you have to buy all these ingredients you have never heard of that you will never use again and the recipes are easy to follow and you can make more than one meal out of one dinner which is great for me since I love cooking but don't have a lot of time, and they taste great if I can get 3 picky kids to eat them that is even better.

This is a great cookbook . The book makes cooking easy especially for the beginner.

Thanks to this cookbook, I am a former cooking-phobe. I became interested in this book by watching Robin on her Food Network show. Once I purchased the book and read through it, I bookmarked the pages that are my favorites. At this point there are about 50 bookmarks in my book! The chapter about "morphing" a main dish is genius. You make one big dish, and then take the leftovers, and with minimal effort and minimal ingredients, make new delicious dishes that don't taste like leftovers at all. This would make a great kitchen shower gift, or housewarming gift. Can you tell that I love this cookbook?

A go-to cookbook for busy moms with busy families! Thanks to Robin Miller, I no longer make the same leftover dishes! My extra chicken becomes "morphed" into an exciting new main dish (like Stuffed Butternut Squash or Tequila Chicken Kebabs) and my husband and son are delighted. I am in and out of the kitchen quickly and I've been inspired to take Robin's "morph it" ideas to apply our own twists. As a family who practices mostly "clean eating" (we don't use processed items, white flour, pre-packaged foods, etc.), this cookbook has an abundance of fresh, clean ingredients. This is definitely a cookbook to buy as you'll find yourself using it over and over again!

This is a great cookbook. It has yummy meals that really aren't very difficult to prepare. My favorite section is the one called Morph It, where you cook a lot of one meal the first day and then take the leftovers and turn them into something else delicious the following 3 days. For example, 3.5 pounds of cooked beef become burgers the first day, pita pockets the next day, stew the following day and spaghetti & meatballs the last day.

Great book for quick and easy recipe with everyday items that you already have in your pantry or fridge. Simply to understand recipes!!!!!!

I picked this book up at half price books several years ago for a few dollars, and I've never used it, it sits on my shelf. I ended up giving it to a friend, its just not the way I like to cook, she uses a lot of items that I just don't like to eat nor does my family. I think its a great concept though!