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I have a T-20 makes great coffee. I use it mostly for coffee and espresso drinks however my husband likes it for hot chocolate as well. I think it does a great job at all 3. And I much prefer it to other brands because I like the added pressure for epresso making.

I have a Tassimo55. Love it; however, the reader sometimes messes up even though its clean. Anyway my review is mainly about the Tdisc sales through Tassimo. Yesterday I get an email that ALL Tdisc are $7.00 and free Shipping over $30.00. Great price. They said limit is 8. So I reviewed the website to order. I was at the last page last night to submit order and the price reverts back to original price. Soooo the time was 11:01pm my time. I called today and since it was 1 min past they won't give it to me for $7.00. I'm not impressed with this. She said they are eastern time. Well I explained I'm central and didn't matter to her. They should honor my order at the sales price.

I love my tassimo. I got it for mother's day almost 2 years ago. My husband has even become a regular coffee drinker because of this. My step-dad came over and drank a cup and has since bought 2 of them, one for home and one for the cabin. Target has started selling more and more varieties of the t disks, Bed Bath and Beyond have a better selection, but the best selection is still online.

My first Tassimo got daily use and finally malfunctioned after a year plus. So then I'm in a dilemma about whether to buy a new one or the Keurig Vue. After much research I bought another Tassimo because I love the specialty drinks and target has started carrying their new coffeehouse vanilla latte for a great price. The Keurig was much more expensive and was much larger in size. I didn't want to chance the cappuccino tasting nasty with the powdered creamer. I don't regret my decision! I just wish the stores carried more selection. Direct delivery is definitely worth it .

Why oh why did I go trendy?!?!? I sold my Tassimo because besides Bed Bath & Beyond the availability of T discs is a bit hit or miss. Our grocer and Target only carried basic coffee in two blends and one decaf. SO I asked for a Keurig for Christmas and got the Platinum series Keurig. I sold my Tassimo and boy do I regret it. The Tassimo was cheaper (not that I paid for the Keurig) and the T discs are cheaper per disc, but the HUGE advantage to Tassimo over Keurig is that the coffee brews nice and strong regardless of the size container. I feel like I am drinking watery coffee when I use the Keurig to fill my travel mugs. Also the tassimo does milk in latte or cappucino style foams, although I never used that feature, it was nice to make a beautiful and tasty drink for guests when they would come over. I should have kept it and just ordered coffees from online or BB&B. I miss you Tassimo! ****The only reason I give this 4 stars is the lack of retail availability for T discs****

I've had my Tassimo for about a year now and still love it. I typically only drink a cup or two cups of coffee a day. Before the Tassimo, I was wasting so much coffee left over in the pot. Now I have a perfect cup every time. I would like to see more variety of the t-discs on the grocery shelves and they really need to come out with a disc to allow you to brew your own coffee like the Keurig offers. Also, I signed up for "My Tassimo" online where you can have orders periodically shipped to your home. Unfortunately, I keep getting emails that they cannot ship because of a backorder. I signed up three months ago and have yet to receive any orders.

My coffee has never been the same, since Tassimo came into my life. I love this machine. Quite simply: It consistantly gives you a perfect cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate; it's quick and simple to use. What I also love, is the ability to make one drink (say an espresso), and then right after make another (say a chai latte) and both drinks are perfect. You don't need different machines ... just the Tassimo. I've recommended this machine to many of my friends already...they've gone out and purchased theirs and they now love it too.

I have this machine but don't use it that often. It is slower than the Kerig. But I bought it because it made so many different drinks. I do wish there was a replacement basket so that I put my own coffee in.

There seems to be no simpler way to make a good quality Starbucks-type cup of coffee. The machine is easy to use, clean and a charm at celebrations and gatherings. I try to always buy a variety of coffees - decalf and regular - bold and mild, teas - molcha and chai, and hot cocoa so that everyone can have something to try. It is always a hit for our family and our friends!

This machine is simply AMAZING!!! It makes a perfect cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate every time! It comes with a t-disk that you slip in the spot where the cartridges go for easy cleaning! You pop the disk in, run the machine & it is clean!!! I love that you have the versatility of the diofferent color inserts for this machine also! You can buy an insert to match the colors in your kitchen! I only wish the company would come out with a reusable disk so you can make your own brand of coffee! I have seen them for the Keurig's but not for the Tassimo machines yet! It would REALLY cut costs!

Love my Tassimo machine! So many flavor choices. Easy to keep clean and maintain. Would be a great addition to a work lunch room!

I love this machine!!!! I am not sure what I ever did with out it. It makes the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate everytime. And it is so easy to use.