OPI Sephora by OPI

OPI Sephora by OPI

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I love this collection, especially the glittery ones. I use many of the colors when ever I have a party or simply an everyday thing. My favorite thing about this collection is the fashionable colors, and also they dry really fast. My favorite color from the collection is Shiny Dancer, which is a really shimmery blue color. OPI has simply out done itself.

Great product, vivid colors good lasting power. I would buy this again!

They have great colors in this line. They also dry pretty fast and last a decent amount of time.

Long lasting and lots of fun colors.

Really love this product. Lots and lots of colors to choose from and it stays on for a long time.

I absolutely love OPI nail polish. They have a broad selection of colors, it has a thicker consistency then most nail polishes and the color last a lot longer then other brands I would definitely buy this product!

Luxurious There's nothing that makes you feel more special in this whole world than wearing something so luxurious and worth every penny. Just the packaging alone a spectacular and makes you feel like a woman and makes you feel special. I would highly recommend anyone looking for something that makes Them feel special!

Great and vivid colors. The only problem is if you happen to fall in love with a popular 'seasonal' color it might be really hard to get it because it might be sold out, and they probably won't get it in again. I also wish it was a little more of a faster drying formula without having to use drying drops afterwords.

I love OPI nail polishes. The colors are nice and bold, which is what I tend to wear.

The product is great. Very affordable which is always a plus