Fitness IQ Shake Weight

Fitness IQ Shake Weight

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I swear, this has got to be the biggest joke in "exercise equipment". Do not waste your time. And especially do NOT waste your money. It will not work!!

I used it for a month, and nothing happened. I was very disappointed.

The Shake Weight is overall a waste of money. It may aid in toning your arms, but there are other products that will benefit MANY muscles without feeling awkward.

I'm not sure it trims my arms and it can make them sore as well. I have this in an ugly green color and I have used it a lot recently but for the longest time it just collected dust. My boyfriend gets a laugh out of me using this because it looks wrong. lol

It's great for comedic effect but not as an exercise tool and that's mainly because it feels so silly and awkward when you're using it. You can get the same effect with some basic planking/yoga/small weights.

Bleh, It has no effect on my arms besides soreness, I wouldn't advise trying it. :(

this sucks. just hurts my arms.

Wow this product just gives everyone the wrong idea.... I gotta say I tried to give this product a shot, but it just did not work for me. It was annoying and did nothing for my arms. I now have it in my closet doing nothing.

When I first saw this my mind immediately went in the wrong direction. I thought it was the funniest device I have ever seen.

Another "As Seen On TV" Schemes I fell for. I'm a sucker. Did nothing but hurt my arms.

I saw this at ross and was playing with it lol... I does have a bit of weight to it.. and i was getting tired lol.. keep in mind that my arms are one of the weakest parts of my body =.=.. but do i think it will do anything in the long run?!.... no i do not!... if you're thinking about getting this.. pass on it.. just go ahead and get regular dumb bells.

didnt really care for this...felt odd and never noticed any changes

I bought this as soon as I saw it in the store. Well, I think I get more use out of it picking it up and putting it down just to show people. My family gets a big laugh out of this item when we are together.

I think it's ridiculous. You are never going to build muscle like that.

It really depends on the way you use it. when I do the exersices daily I weight 3 to 5 lbs less on the scale than when I dont use it. I dont know if thats because of the exersice or the use of certain muscles.I think it works good! It made my boyfriend more buff but he was using it for hours not just a few mins.