Jon Krakauer Three Cups of Deceit

Jon Krakauer Three Cups of Deceit

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Krakuer's character assassination against Greg Mortenson is based on misinformation, false information, interviews with people who were paid to lie, visits to schools that were closed because of winter, and on and on. Go to: to read questions and answers about Krakauer's allegations, and to learn the truth; read Journey of Hope, and Alima, the Central Asia Institute newsletter. The "book" is trash and deserves no stars.

Definitely a small book (e-book) that should be read by any one who read Three Cups of Tea about Greg Mortenson building schools for girls in Afghanistan. Wow! Enlightening, disheartening, honest. Thank you Jon for explosing Greg as the fraud that he is. He ripped off little school children of their pocket money as well as others like myself who believed in what he promoted. Why take something good and misuse it like that? Anyway, definitely worth the read.