ThermaCare HeatWraps

ThermaCare HeatWraps

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Didn't work that well.

I didn't love this product. It was hard to remove.

I purchased these out of desperation during a 2 week tension headache/migraine. Immediately after checking out I put one of these on hoping that it was the solution that I was looking for. the tape to hold it on your neck sounded like a good idea, but it was not! all it did was pull my hair (I have long hair) and I still spent most of the time with it on holding it in place because there was no way to get it close to staying where I wanted it. after a half hour (if even that long) I went to another store and purchased a real heating pad. Kept this one on for an hour trying to give it a chance, but by the time I took it off there was NO heat left in it! there is no way it would last for 8 hours like the package said! biggest waste of money!

i dnt like them dey dnt wrk

These didn't work for me. The heat was hot enough to make any difference.

I love using these after a long day at work

We have used this product. My husband is a runner. He is thinks it works great for a quick fix.

I would recommend that others give these a try as the price is right and the brand is good but they didn't really do the trick for me. Maybe I need more heat or I move around too much because they neither seemed to be warm enough or stay in place. A microwavable heat pack has been more effective in my case but these may work for minor aches and pains or low heat tolerance.

I suffer from sciatica and constantly need heat on my back. I tried these because I figured they would be so much easier than a heating pad, I was wrong. The heat from the pad could be barely felt. It left behind a sticky residue when removed. I also think they are expensive for the amount of pads you get in one box, which was 3.

I loved it but I think I'm allergic to something in it. It got to a burning painful hot-had to take it off.

This product is a bit pricey considering you don't get very many in a pack but they are effective and convenient. They almost get too hot but a thin sheet or towel between your skin and the wrap can help with that.

I had a pinched nerve in my neck, and tried these out. Really helped with mobility for a couple of days, wasn't too hot, and lasted almost 8 hours.

I love using these with my scoliosis on my back and neck and when pms cramps hit they are great! A little expensive and they never stay stuck. If it wasn't for that they would get 5 stars.

These work great when your muscles ache soothes the pain in moments can last more than two hours if you do t peel it off or mess with it. Just watch in the hot months because they tend to get really hot.

I've used these for lower back pain and was very pleased. Unlike messy creams it can be placed most anywhere for some heat. BUT I made the mistake of not removing it when I got up one morning thinking when I get ready for my shower. OUCH! It did not want to come off and it was painful until I did get into the shower to remove it with cool water.