Nabisco Premium Original Saltines

Nabisco Premium Original Saltines

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My home is seldom without a box of these on the shelf. Tried a store brand once and there was no comparison. Maybe because my mom always kept them on hand, they are a comfort food to me. Really like them with tuna fish salad on them. :-)

Need to have it for my soups and great for snaks.

BUYING THEM FOR YEARS I DONT CHANGE THEM FOR NOTHING. I buy the two version salty and non-salty.

My son likes these on top of chili and soup. I like to eat them plain or with cheese or peanut butter. They are yummy!

These are really tasty, yet I find the cheapo brand to be just as good, sorry nabisco :( I'll still buy your cookies lol

Love these by it self, and with homemade soup!!!

These are great alone or with peanut butter on them.

Great for chili and soups! But with three pregnancies I used them in my first trimester ALOT!

Perfect for those bad stomach days when I can't eat anything!

the perfect comfort food cracker. Its my go to with chili, soups, gumbo or even to make a quick cracker sandwich snack

Great classic cracker. We use these most with peanut butter as a snack to eat at home or pack for outings. Many ways of eating these and using them with other foods. Try with chocolate spreads, great!

These crackers are a staple in our pantry at home. These are great with soup, to use with dips, crushed up to use for breading, etc.

goes awesomely with everything... soup, chili, peanut butter or just plain butter. used to eat these by the boxes when I had morning sickness, was the only thing I could keep down at times.

Can be used with so much ( chili, soups, with tuna) my favorite way to use them is topping them peanut butter and jelly for snack

Great snack. I've been eating this since I was a kid. A must for me during four of my pregnancies had to have it.