RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

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I was Using the product as directed for 6 days upon the 6thday I started having a severe allergic reaction redness and extreme irratation on my cheekbones and under my eyes and travling to 1 eyelid...I have discontinued the product !!!!!!

I had used the product for 1 week and stopped using it because it caused too much irritation and burning of my skin.

I have not seen a big difference yet....

I have been using RoC® RETINOL CORREXION® Deep Wrinkle Night Cream for over two weeks now and haven't noticed any difference in the wrinkles, fine lines, or texture of my skin. I will keep on with trial though, maybe my skin is just going to take longer to show any results. On the flip side at least I have not experienced any redness or rashes like some other people.

I really haven't noticed any difference yet. The cream tingled when I put it on, but it seems to tingle less now. The lines in my forehead still look the same and my skin feels the same as it did when I ujsed another product. Barbara B.

Twice I used this at different times and twice my face broke out the next day. This product unfortunately is not for me.

This is week 2 of use. With the onset of pimples, I reduce my use to every other night. The pimples are gone, but one has left a dark spot I hope the retinol will quickly fade. I'm wondering if there's too much fragrance in this product because it smells really good. Not sure the scent is helpful to those with sensitive skin or allergies. No positive changes in my skin yet. Stay tuned for more posts. It's too early for me to recommend this to others or give it a good rating...but stay tuned.

Its made my skin smooth but as far as wrinkles, no change

After 2 weeks of use there is no improvement in my skin in any way.

I don't feel right reviewing this after only 1 week - I don't think it realistic to see improvement so quickly...and I don't see any. I'm blessed with good genes so I have only fine lines but I've detected no improvement at all in lines or elasticity.

I am sorry to say that as soon as I got the ROC lotion on my face I immediately began coughing and my throat started itching. My husband was standing right by me and he had to immediately walk out of the room. Scents like this immediately give him a migraine headache. I have scrubbed my face twice and very hard now with soap and a washcloth, but I don't know if the scent is gone enough for me to even sleep in the same bed with him tonight!! I still thank you for sending this to me because I had been wanting to try it. Now I know that I would have been throwing my money away. With more and more people having allergies and asthma these days, why do companies keep putting strong scents in their products? At the very least, they should offer an unscented alternative. I do hope that all this information will be passed along to ROC so that some time in the future they will develop a product that EVERYONE will be able to use. Thanks again for including me in this trial.

I am experiencing redness - burning and peeling.

Wasn't able to use the product. I found after 3-4 days my face would break out. I tried to stay with it thinking once my skin got use to it things would settle down but unfortunately no such luck. Thanks for the opportunity anyway to try this product.

I find that this product is expensive and can make your wrinkles appear worse. I stopped using this after several months and switched to Derm Exclusive. Roc made my skin dry out bad and I looked 20 years older than I was for well over a week. I had to scrub my face daily after using it and moisturize over and over. After a few weeks I'm finally not looking like a geezer. Some damage done to under eye skin area. not sure if all of it will ever go away.

Sounds like this is working great for others. I had an allergic reaction and have discontinue use. The first week was great and didn't have any problems, but then I developed redness, peeling skin and burning on my cheekbones. After a couple of days the redness spread under my eyes and onto my eyelids. I have never had any allergies or reactions to ANYTHING before. I am going back to my Avon skin care products and saying goodbye to ROC. I appreciate the opportunity to try the product and will pass it on to my sister to try.