Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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My kids did not like any of these meals....also they smelled horrible to my husband and I! I won't be buying these in the future and gave the freebie coupons to friends, but they too said their kids didn't like them. Great concept and packaging makes them look yummy...BUT all 3 of my kids thought they were nasty.

Okay., My kids just didn't like these meals. I hated the ingredents list!

My daughter took one bite and would not even swallow it!

My older son who eats everything wouldn't even eat this! Too sweet.

This didnt go over well in our house, neither of my children would eat it. They didnt like the smell or taste at all.

Difficult to open and dd did not care for it at all~she ate half and threw the rest away. I tasted it and it had a strange, very processed tasted to it~no flavor.

My 9 year old son didn't like it at all. He added bbq sauce and still did not like it.

My kids thought this sauce was better than the others, but still did not really like it. After eating portions of the others, they were only willing to take one bite of this. The plastic film was very hard to get off. My children would not have been able to do it themselves.

My daughter did not like this or anyone of the others. She is a picky eater and then I tried it. I agree with her. I am not buying this product for sure

I know the products are low in sodium and are pretty healthy, but there needs to be some flavor or the kids just won't eat it. My son took this one to school for lunch. He was very dissapointed with the taste and told me when he got home that he was starving, because he couldn't eat the lunch. He did say it was super easy to fix. which is good for a busy lunch room, but if it isn't flavorful enough the kids just won't eat it.

My 3 year old twins took one bite and refused to eat it. I tried a bite to coax them into another bite and I was surprised with how bland and saucy it was. I had high expectations from Hormel but I guess a healthy micro meal that tastes good is really hard to develop. If they come out with a newer version I would definately give it a try but so far the didn't like any. It was great for me to make though!

Again, a no. My son was really excited about trying this one, but he hated it. Too bland, too sweet. Disappointing. Will not be buying.

My daughter refused to eat this meal. She said it tasted weird and like they cooked it too much. Tried to feed it to my 1 year old and he wouldnt eat it either.

My son was excited to take this to school but after he warmed it up and tasted it, he ended up throwing it away because he didn't like the taste. What a waste! I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

My son threw it away after a couple of bites. Tasty very salty, very processed and just icky. I'm glad I got it free. Won't buy them for