Nintendo Wii Fit Plus

Nintendo Wii Fit Plus

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Fun to do, even my husband likes it, but it will not get you into shape doing only this program.

I absolutely LOVE this game! I have been wanting to work out for quite some time now and this game is PERFECT for just that. It gets me motivated and doesn't really seem like your working out at all. You have a personal trainer, it keeps track of your weight, BMI (Body mass index) and it even know when you worked out last. Its amazing~! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get a good workout and have a little fun while your doing it! My kids love to work out with me too! Lots of fun!

I no longer have an excuse !!! So easy and convenient and I don't have to have a 'cute' outfit and I CAN wear my million year old gym shoes.One hot, sexy grandma coming up. My grandboys love it too and encourage me to keep it up!!

This is fun and has more activities than the original Wii Fit. I play this everyday. I like that it tracks my weight for me. I also like having a personal trainer that motivates you. You are burning calories but it feels like you are just playing. With that said you will feel it the next day and know that you have done something good.

We have the first Wii fit and love it so much, so of course we were going to get this one. I think we play this one more it has a lot more games and you can add your pets which we thought was awesome. Hula hooping is way fun and I can honestly say I'm pretty pooped after I'm done playin for 45 mins. Great game and workout for the family we give this game 5 stars all the way!!!!