L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Cream Daily Treatment

L'Oreal Youth Code Eye Cream Daily Treatment

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First thing I will says is that I am not really into eye creams, but I found this one on sale & I could use a coupon, son I got for a small fraction & decided to give it. try. What can I say, just that it remind me why I don't spend my money on eye creams. It didn't do anything special for me (it has been about 6 weeks), well actually it does, it puffs my under eye and makes my eyes all red. I thought that it was something else but no, it has been this eye cream. The package is nice, is a tube with a metal tip, so I consider the product stay clean, but that is the only thing that I liked. For me this is a dud!

The only thing I liked about this was the applicator and the cooling effect under the eyes. It didn't do much else and was a waste of my $$$$. So I gave this to my mom. She liked it better.

This is my favorite item in the Youth Code line. The metal-tip applicator feels nice and cold against the skin. The claim is that it de-puffs the eye area. Not too sure I saw a big difference, but it felt great. A great pick-me-up in the early morning! Light diffusing micro pearls illuminate dark circles. The only thing is you can't quite control how much of the cream goes on and sometimes I ended up with a little too much which I had to smooth in with my fingers. The cream went right into my skin with no greasy feeling. Major plus!

I felt a big difference in my skin after using the Youth Code. It feels creamy not greasy on the skin. My skin felt soft all day.